Reasons Behind Universities Leap Towards Mingling With Online Learning.

The 21st century is the era of digital natives where the requirement of active learning among the advanced learners are higher than ever. Modern-day learners are ready to keep pace with the advanced technology and technology infused global society. To do so a source of active learning is required and to pass on that kind if knowledge we need to think beyond the lessons that are being imparted by traditional institutes and bank on an alternative mode of learning that will quench the desire of learning more. On this account Kerri Morgan, the director of Wildbase Oil Response, Massey University says,

“The demand for high-quality university education and research is outstripping supply. More people than ever are going to university and we currently have a generation of learners whose needs are diverse.”

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Massive Online Open courses are a leeway for the students where they can absorb themselves in learning in any courses they want to. The unveiling of MOOC has been making much a variation in the learning ecosystem. If learners feel the need of upskilling his educational qualification by specialising on a comparatively hot skill that might land him a job, then the sole option he has under his sleeve is participating in MOOC.

The rapid growth of online learning, the inadequacy of traditional learning institutes and the need of quality advanced learning – these are the three reasons why universities are thinking of embracing online learning to be an essential part of learning framework within its traditional educational ecosystem.

Let’s explore the reasons through-and-through.

The growing popularity of MOOC.

Now try to picture a Jamaican student wants to obtain an MBA degree from a renowned UK university or a professional individual who is making too much effort to upgrade his skill that is essential for his career upsurge. MOOC is the sole way to fulfil all these requirements. Online learning offers a tailored learning opportunity for the students and working professionals with which they can kick start their study anytime.

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E-learning or digital learning has a strong and significant effect on the students due to its infusion with modern education tech-tools. As this mode of learning is delivered through smart-phone via the Internet the availability of learning courses is notably high.

Is the use of Ed-tech worthwhile?

Education tools are the new addition to online learning. The application of technology in learning is what making online learning adequate. If you take a closer look at the environment you live in you will find students of all age are busy in focusing on their smart-phone. Be sure that 80 percent of them are learning something every time. Such is the magnitude of online learning.

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Is online learning empowering students?

Educators are up with the idea that online learning is empowering the learners to choose what to read and what to read. This flexible approach to learning provided by MOOC is one of the salient added features that actually is making this mode of learning popular.

Online learning, without a doubt, is making a big difference in the global educational system. Online learning is bridging the gap between the education that is being imparted in traditional learning institutes and the knowledge that is needed to be successful. That is the reason today colleges and universities are trying to cope with online mode of education.

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