Local Organisation & Government Of Egypt Collaborate To Offer MOOC To The Citizens

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Online learning has become an important tool to engage learners with the quality education. In Egypt, the Communication and Information Technology ministry has issued the tender for the local companies to associate as part of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). They’ll remain under the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry. Though, earlier there was likewise online project called Nafham, where learning resources are delivered via YouTube. This is for the first time in the history of education in Egypt that such huge scale. Read on.


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Many big names are associated with MOOC. To name a few, Coursera, edX and several other are popular MOOC providers. They have thousands of students learning with them. With nominal fee, students can take the test and get accreditation. However, high quality of education is accessed by millions of students across the world.

Inspired by the new concept of education, seems Egypt has decided to implement the same so that learners of different age and gender can access knowledge. The government expect that citizens who want to learn will be blessed with this initiative. The policy makers also understand that this will help youth population of the country to acquire the skill that will aid them in employment. With this strategy in mind, the Ministry of Education intends to use the platform of e-learning which contains 5 curriculums. To keep the flow of the project the ministry will produce the content of learning via MOOC provider, who have earlier associated with Jorden Queen Rania to create the portal in Arabic for MOOC was known as Edraak.

The goal

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The Government of Egypt has measured the value and potential of the online education. They have understood the importance of e-learning in the contemporary time. And probably they have realised how it can help them to attain their goal. Here the purpose is extending the education support to the learners, besides improving the Arabic e-learning content. Along sides, the goal includes enhancing the learning competence of the university level students and professors.

The Proposal

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The proposition incorporates training of 75 Supreme Council of Universities individuals to create and create e-learning courses. Also, the proposal initiates contest amid universities of Egypt to develop 5 digital learning curriculums through Android and iOS platform.

This is for the first time that MOOC will be at public higher learning institutes. Earlier MOOCs was there in the country with private institutes and schools.

Once the MOOC will be available at public institutes, students in different part of the nation are expected to take the advantage of accessing the online learning. Students from the different financial background will have equal access to education.

In the right direction

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Installing the new technologies and systems into the education is no doubt a very noble and welcome step. The latest is Egypt. The administrators of the country have taken a wise step by inviting the local organisations to associate with them in their valuable MOOC project. This initiative of the government is for sure going to boost learning of many.

Do you think the initiative of the Egyptian Government will have positive effect on the education system? Comment below and share your thought.

Article Source: goo.gl/byOPG6


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