Risks In Online & Game Development To Stay Safe

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The advanced technology is bringing changes in the world of learning and communication. However, at the same time it is risking the user and his identity. It is often the main reason why people, mostly with special needs stay away from social media and shopping sites. The development of a game is helping them to stay safe in online. Take a look of the article to know more.

Who would have thought before 2003, the birth of Facebook, that communication will become so much easier. After Facebook and Twitter came into existence in 2003 and 2004 respectively, the face of communication changed radically. Initially, which used to be a a mere platform connecting people has now become one major way for online brand promotion. No wonder, social media is becoming a part of modern education and online learning too. Take a look at how e-learning has turned into a handy tool.

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Social media is the most tossed around term these days. It is basically like a two way traffic that lets one communicate with another, be it a person, a brand or an institute. Now, through social media students and online learners can access a huge galore of resources that once used to unbelievable. When 10 years before no one could think of virtual classroom, no one had the idea of how social media can change the way of education and communication too.

Along with the social media the advent of online shopping has also changed the definition of consumerism in the whole world. Now everything is just at the finger tip, one click away. Likewise, online portals are also coming handy for the students and teachers. Now, in this digital era, online education portals are the most trusted way to help learners to communicate with their teachers, counsellors and the institutes.

However, there is always a flip side of any advancement. Probably the risks prevents young learners and learners with special needs to remain adverse from social media and online shopping portals.

Risks with Social Media and Portals

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There are many factors that can contribute as risks while using social media and online portal. Take a look.

i)Identity Theft

This could be the biggest problem with social media and shopping portal. Though most of the social sites and the online shopping portals ensure safety, yet the biggest thing that can be at risk is your identity. It can lead to cyber bullying, bank theft and risking personal information and credentials.

ii)Fraudulent and Malicious Websites

Often link shared by emails or posts from a friend can land you on some fraudulent or malicious website. As a result the personal information stored in your system can get hacked.

iii)Security Issues

Security is the another issue that can be at risk. Virus and malware attack can happen through the attachments with mails or chat.

But what if a simple solution can solve all these issues? And that too a fun solution? Yes, you have heard it right. A game has been developed that can help people with learning disabilities to stay safe while online.

The Game Development as the Game – changer

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A team of experts at the University of West Scotland in Paisley has worked with a team of people, aged between 16-40 and developed a game called “keepmesafe”.

It is designed in a way that will help one to cope with the online world and the challenges it poses. It is designed to simulate common scenarios that generally people face while using internet. It includes staying safe in social media and at the same time how to navigate through the complex world of online social relationship and buying goods from online retailer. The team worked mostly with the local area co ordination network. They discussed and ponder over the fears and ways to overcome them while using social media. Team from Midlothian Council and experts from UWS’ Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies (SCET) were behind the development of the game that has made it easier for people with learning disabilities to use internet safely.

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This interactive tool was given to the participants across Edinburgh and Midlothian for the trial. The development team has used the received information as the prototype of the game. Stuart Caulfield, new media education project officer in health and social care with Midlothian Council has described how they came up with the idea. They noticed how people with learning disabilities find video games interesting. It seemed to be a good idea for them to send across the information regarding online safety.

The response of the young people is really positive as Stuart Caulfield puts it. They face various challenges in their lives. If the game addiction and the information serves to their good, it can be thought as a really appreciable development.

Get Rid of Fear

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Now-a-days social media is becoming an important part of our life. That is why the proper use is necessary too. There is no point of sitting with the fear in mind. As social media or online portals are now most effective tool of communication you can access your resources with the help of it. It is creating quite an upheaval too in the world of online learning.

There are a few ways how you can get rid of such fear.

Learn, listen and work. Before acting in social media learn how the people in the same field are acting. As these places are about making a mark in the ever buzzing world you need to see first before act.
Choose content carefully. While you are publicly active on social media you need to be extra careful.
Make a positive image. It is important to make a positive impression online. Avoid indulging in activities that can hamper your impression.

Social media and online shopping are now integral parts of our life. People with learning difficulties prefers to stay away. But it is not only necessary to involve them in using social media but also helping them to have full control over their social life. Hope such initiative and development will help them to do so.

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What do you think about the game development? Will you encourage people to use it? Share your thoughts in your comments.

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