Hiring In 2016: E-learning Trends That Could Be A Deciding Factor

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Employment remains the key concern for millions of students who want to make use of every single opportunity. They fly abroad, bear huge cost of higher education, take education load and so on. This all to make sure that they attain valuable degree or qualification from reputed institutes. The perception is that this would help them to earn the job. However, things for professionals are different. At one point of time qualification and skill up-gradation becomes essential. There are professionals who quit the job to take further learning some compromise with their career by not taking skill and know-how. But is any of this two option is worth for a professional? I would say- NO. Because any pause or gap in career would break the rhythm and may not go well with companies as well. And obviously not advancing skill would mean career pause. In such complex scenario, online distance learning could provide relief. To take online courses one does not need huge capital or travel to abroad. Besides professionals need not to quit their job and those who have other obligations can still take learning with own convenience. Read on.

Hiring 2016: 3 trends as deciding factor

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Every year we saw the recruitment trend in the job market transform. This predominantly depends on the market trend. The global economic growth and industry trend become deciding factor how specific industry or sector will recruit further. However, it seems in 2016 something else has emerged as hiring component and that in online education trends. Let’s know the 3 trending or rather deciding factor for hiring in this year:

Online certification

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Online degree, diploma and certification will be buzzing all throughout the year. Companies will consider whether the individuals have done the relevant online course which fulfils their job profile criteria. Since most of the online courses strongly deal with the practical learning, e-learning has earned good reputation amid the organisation globally. And guess what? Employers will not even much attention whether these courses are accredited by (forget about top) any institutes. For an organisation, only skill will matter. With technological advancement & with the growing recognition of e-learning courses filling the skill demand in sectors like software development, cyber security, digital marketing and data science would be possible. You can check this out that how technological advancement is helping the online education.

Engaging With online training

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Companies are predominantly preferring digital degree, diploma certified professionals. Besides, HR is also using online learning as tool to provide training to their employees. A person reached his adulthood in 2000 is apprehended to switch 13 jobs during his/her career. With some facilities like online learning and training for the development of the employee along with some benefit can prevent the existing scenario. This way companies will retain valuable workforce within the organisation whereas employees will also remain loyal and committed towards their employer. For online training, companies can collaborate with top free or paid e-learning providing vendors enhancement of the skill of their employees/workers. Similarly based on the performance of the employees/workers, organisations should allow perks to motivate them.

Unearthing potential at online

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With the internet access millions have earned growth and opportunities. The web itself is the platform where all the culture and thoughts come together. This even makes the remote living rural person interact with national and foreign peers. Take an instance of Kazakhstan 20-year-old Askhat Murzabayev. He is computer science student who was denied entry into the local University to study artificial intelligence programme. He completed his online learning course from Stanford. Immediately after the culmination of the course, he joined an organisation in Kazakhstan whose offer he received at Twitter. In this case, the company understood his potential and realised that he is resourceful for them. Besides, this also shows how the online learning has contributed to providing opportunity to millions of Akshat to improve their lives.

Trend will accelerate

There are anticipation and prediction that this trends will remain not only in 2016 but many years to come. Online education, for sure has translated the old trends of learning as well the employment. With the rapid advancement of online learning and education technologies, things are going to improve further better which will create convenience for both employee and employer. This benefit will help to discontinue the complexities of hiring skilled people into the organisation.

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What is your take on the trends of online learning? Do you think it’ll shape hiring in 2016? Post your comment and share your thoughts.

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