Initiative To Launch Online Course On Workers’ Rights For The Students

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Initiative has been taken to teach the students from all around the globe an online course on the workers’ rights. The course will contain mixture of economics, human rights and international law that will help the students earn a higher education certificate on Worker’s rights in the Global Economy. The course imparts education in the form of MOOCs, a massive open online course, that engages the union members and labour activists from all parts of the world to share thoughts and exchange ideas about the benefits and challenges of implementing workers’ rights worldwide. ILO or International Labour Organisation teaches the course with trade union experts. Since the course involves online training, videos, lectures and interactive discussions are included in the same. The major benefit of the course stands for students who are professionals.

How can students from across the world be benefitted from the eight-week online course?

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The eight-week online course regarding the workers’ rights is really beneficial for the students. The students will have a clear idea of the global workers’ rights and the structure of ILO for International Labour Standards. The theories of collective burgaining and Freedom of Association will help them take part in debates on labour standards and competitiveness. Practically when you go for jobs, the course will help you apply the knowledge in real work fields, enhance your skills and use your abilities in handling the instruments to promote workers’ rights. With the advent of quality education, the students get benefitted with good jobs as per global economy. Therefore, the employment status gets a hike. similar other online courses are also helping students. Check out:

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Ways in which the online course on workers’ rights affect rights and equality of the students

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Many online course programmes has come up with ways where it sees to the fact that the rights and equality of the students are maintained. A strong and just society could be build if there is no discrimination on matters of education and health. Strong and effective unions help transform the entire concept and promotes standard of knowledge. The Education International aims to develop ways in which it goes to maintain equality, fraternity and liberty. The students from all across the world gets facilitated with the ways and forms for promotion of online education.

Growth and development of the online course

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The online course is greatly beneficial to the students especially to the professionals. Students who are doing jobs do not have the time to attend regular classes. The initiative of the many online course programmes aims to provide an online course or MOOCs that help the students take the benefit of education via internet. The massive open online course uses graphics, designs, symbols while imparting education. This makes the learners grab the course easier. Apart from this, the education holds bare minimum cost for the learners to pursue their higher studies and obtain a certificate in higher education. Many students from across the world who are not that well off get largely benefitted from the concept. The growth and development of the course has seen its rise with the initiatives taken by the Development Co-operation. This functions on three principles:

  • Transparency
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The information transformed should be very clear to the students pursuing the course so that they do not have a hindrance in performing.

  • Effectiveness

Proper and effective resources need to be used to ensure progress.

  • Clarity

Clarity should be maintained in regular evaluation of projects to guarantee flawless performance.

Inference collected

The online course on worker’s rights is sure to gain worldwide success from the student’s perspective. The form of education aims to look at the equality of education for the students. It says no discrimination will be entertained based on the race, caste or creed when the question of education comes. Thus online course programmes helps to provide you with digital library guidance that will give you wide sources of information once you sign up.

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What is your point of view regarding the launch of online course on worker’s rights? Share with us…

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