Gaining Computing & IT Skills With Online Diploma In Information Technology Aided With Learning Techs

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Can we live without technology? The common answer would be- NO! In the modern world, it’s difficult to imagine life without technology. It’s everywhere, from steering spaceship to cooking, we use different techs to ease our work. At present, the education technology or the EdTech plays crucial part in enhancing the level of learning. It’s the EdTech that enabled the students to take the online diploma in computing and information technology other e-learning courses with ease. Besides, EdTech has also been effective in classroom learning. In the new age, important learning is being delivered through digital devices. From elementary to the high schools and from colleges to universities, digital EdTech has been installed to make learning activities more engaging, pertinent, and meaningful. Read on.

Report Of London & Partners & EdTech UK

According to the report of London & Partners and EdTech UK, the global EdTech industry is worth $67 billion. It’s clear from its value that digital economy is booming. The report also says that by 2020 it would touch $192 billion marks.

Growth Of The UK Digital Economy

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The digital economy of UK is growing rapid. There are 1000 new EdTech companies which are delivering the latest learning techs. Perhaps that’s why e-learning programmes like online diploma in information technology and other courses are easily accessible and growing in the UK. According to Bethany Koby, Founder & CEO, TWSU,

“Having taught alongside our developing careers, we were both aware of the crisis in technology education. While kids are very much consumers of technology, they typically find computing complex and scary. By authentically merging the physical world of making with digital programming tools, we are presenting complex skills in a unique and highly accessible way.”

The statement of Koby hints at towards further innovation for Education Technology for the advancement of learning. Since, these companies are headquartered at England and their demand is growing in the international Educational Technology sector, the prospect of digital economy of UK seems promising.

Potential Of EdTech In Education Sector

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There is huge prospect for the Education Technology to grow in education sector. And with online learning the boundary of growth seems expanding. Professionals and students are enrolling to the e-learning to upgrade their knowledge and skill for personal and career advancement.

You can also check how students are turning their passion for IT and Computing into a prospective career.

Hence, demand for web learning courses like online diploma in computing and information technology and other e-learning courses are growing. Hence, new EdTechs can help to make learning more attractive and engaging. Michael Jackson, Ex COO of Skype and Investor/Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners said,

“The education sector is an enormous market and certainly one we’re looking at, but there’s a reason why it hasn’t really changed that much over the last 20 years. The most interesting businesses to us are the ones that can work around the existing systems and processes rather than those looking to completely reinvent them.”

EdTech And Learning

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Analysing the scenario, it’s not difficult to understand that education in future will heavily rely on EdTech. Enrolling and participating to the online diploma in information technology and other e-learning courses in the contemporary time is incredibly flexible and convenient. I hope with new and innovative EdTechs online learning will more interesting to the learners. Besides, EdTechs can bring in new techs to facilitate enhanced classroom learning.

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Do you think future of education would rely on education technology? Post your comment below and share your thought.

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  1. […] With the internet access millions have earned growth and opportunities. The web itself is the platform where all the culture and thoughts come together. This even makes the remote living rural person interact with national and foreign peers. Take an instance of Kazakhstan 20-year-old Askhat Murzabayev. He is computer science student who was denied entry into the local University to study artificial intelligence programme. He completed his online learning course from Stanford. Immediately after the culmination of the course, he joined an organisation in Kazakhstan whose offer he received at Twitter. In this case, the company understood his potential and realised that he is resourceful for them. Besides, this also shows how the online learning has contributed to providing opportunity to millions of Akshat to improve their lives. […]

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