Shaping Careers With Online Learning Of Computing Skills

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Software development offers you a rewarding career. Being a software developer you can become a technology entrepreneur or can land yourself in a perfect job as a coder. Most importantly career as a coder will uniformly upgrade your knowledge about technology from time to time.

So, how to start? You can select code learning via online. Learning to code online is an effective platform. Like classroom learning, it offers extensive practical training. Hence, over the years learning coding online has received immense acceptance. Student and software professionals at large are choosing IT Computing online as the most effective way of training and learning.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2020 there will only 4,00,000 computer students against 1.4 million new IT jobs.

Chief product and strategy officer at Penn Foster, Dara Warn says “There’s a need for that and a trend toward training in that area. Coding is a creative outlet for people who are more technically inclined.”

Learning Online

The most common question that storms the mind of a learner is -How learning IT computing online can be beneficial? Here we will discuss some points to answer your query. But before going into depth I would suggest you to first select the specific area which you intend to excel. There are three ways by which you can erudite your learning online. They are:

1.Free online programming course
2. Paid online IT course
3. Degree and certificate course

Free Coding Classes Online

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A free online programming course is conducive to the coders who intend to acquire skills. It helps to explore the introductory or the basic programming knowledge. A website like provides basic knowledge to different age group. It gives students option of choosing and learning programming of their interest

According to Zach Sims, CEO and co-founder of Codecademy, “More and more businesses – whether it’s journalism, law or container shipping – are being upended by technology. By understanding coding you are able to understand those changes and contribute to that sequence of changes.”

The OpenCourseWare by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides free online code learning. OpenCourseWare is an initiative of MIT which avails course material to everyone. It provides immense support to the learner through free online study materials, programming projects, videos, and exams.

There are several MOCC or Massive Open Online Course websites like Khan Academy which offers basic coding education.

Paid online IT course

Paid programming course offers extensive learning intending to provide the learner advance learning. To attract the students, different websites provides free basic learning, charging only for the advanced level. Websites like Skillcrush offers ten days of free learning at entry level.

The website in its “career blueprint” offers three-month course aims to develop specific skill. Students can pay the fee at once for $399 or in three installments at $149. The ”blueprint” learning offers students to interact with the educator during the office hours and one time conferencing with the other students.

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In Codeschool, the learner gets ten free basic classes. After the completion of all the ten classes, the website charges an annual subscription for $29 and monthly for $29. The course consists in pedagogical projects and videos by which learner gain points and batches.

Nicholas Roberts, the Skillcrush spokesperson, says, “They can digest new information quickly without feeling overwhelmed by a certificate or degree program”.

Degree and certificate course

Online degree and certificate programming courses are designed to cater the industry need and job criteria.

According to Dara warn,”There’s some value in it for the learner to go through the curriculum that experts have pre-defined and are meant to prepare you for a job in the field”.

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The availability of information and technology courses online enriches the knowledge of software aspirants and professionals. The courses are designed to meet the query of the learners. The online IT learning can be an effective instrument in shaping up the career of a software developer.

The online factor

Online code learning with advanced and upgraded education format and technology ensures the development of desired skill set of the individual. More IT aspirants and professionals are enrolling in online courses. Keeping the demand of the market universities have already started to expand their online IT course dedicated to creating a skilled techie. With greater career opportunities, software development is and will be he most demanded and desirable profession.

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