Why Are Students With Physical Disabilities Turning To Online Learning ?

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The perception for online learning has been changed over the years. Surveys and others interviews have proven the fact that more and more students or learners with physical disabilities are enrolling into online learning to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to their weaknesses.

Recent Survey

Two US universities conducted a survey on the learners with physical disabilities. The result was quite obvious for online learning. A majority amount of students concluded the fact that they choose online learning because of the fact that it would avoid the stigmatism of their disability and undue attention and sympathy.

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Journal of Diversity in Higher Education published Susana Verdinelli of Walden University and Debbi Kutner of the University of Phoenix findings that expose “ableism assumptions” in traditional higher education.

Students’ viewpoint

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Handicapped students with more than 30% disability are mostly referring to the digital mode of learning. They want to be accepted as normal students free from any limitation. This opportunity is ensured by the online learning mode where they learn to communicate with their fellow students without been self-conscious about themselves.

Unlike the other traditional brick and mortar classroom, where they often have to feel awkward and self-conscious and their fellow students are very reluctant and not patient enough to understand their conditions.

The Online Learning

Since online learning gives you the flexibility to choose where you learn, people with physical disabilities can easily pursue their courses at their own city in their own comfort places. They do not require to travel long distances to attend regular classroom lectures and strain themselves. Relax and study whenever you want to. Access your notes, download pre-recorded lectures, webinars and study at your own convenience.

So pursuing education online appeared to make sense.

The Final Words

Since distance learning has so much to offer to the people from all sections of the society, its is here to stay and continue to benefit the society.

Source: bit.ly/1Me6t3u


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