Effects of Virtualised Atmosphere on Distance Learning

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Education and technology met and a new path called the online distance learning that came into civilisation and, day by day, it has proved itself as one of the healthy and efficient ways of education that aims to educate the learners who are eager to learn but unable to reach education. It is online distance education for which they still hope and this is made possible by the collaboration of distance education and the virtual world.

The advantages of distance learning

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Distance learning is a better and healthier way to education as it allows a lot of effectively designed tools for the purpose of proper education. Education is much more perfect in online learning and the enrichment of it is the direct optimistic outcome the learners are getting. Even it is better than the traditional education in some of its aspects.

Julie Stone, the director of online learning at the University of Derby rightly says “Online learning offers a number of benefits that face-to-face campus based studies can’t – namely around flexibility.”

Let us look at the advantages of online education in brief:

Comfort zone

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As stated earlier, the online learning mode possesses a lot of advantageous opportunities for the learners than the traditional mode of learning. One of these innovative aspects is its flexibility. An online school accepts all kinds of students irrespective of their employment. It also offers flexible study hours allowing them to study at the time they feel comfortable. So, online education is really the first choice for the busy parents; the employees or a retired person.

One of the online learning schools from UK, the @OpenUniversity or the OU, introduced the online distance learning first in the country and has significantly witnessed the rise of the number of the students enrolling themselves for the courses offered by it. In 2013-2014, 150,255 students belonged to the OU out of the 210,005 students studying either an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Technology and education

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Technology is one of the driving forces behind online education. It has modified the learning techniques of the online education in such a way that education became not only interesting but also productive. The learners are more benefited by this efficient form of learning offered in an online school. The video lectures; interactive online communication; quality educational content through the online medium; the different but fruitful way of the students’ evaluation and examination system; coursework etc. are all organised with a technological touch which enables the learners to get more benefits out of it.

Dominic Micklewright, the dean of the academic partnerships at the University of Essex, the combination of learning environments with mixed reality teaching (MiRTLEs) helps the students to experience a traditional form of lecture in the virtual world.

He says “The online student can view the lecture, lecturer and other face-to-face students from a first-person perspective via a webcam. In the lecture hall, distance-learning students will appear either as an avatar or as themselves – via their webcam – on a large screen that the face-to-face students and the lecturer can see.”

Learn wherever you are and whenever you want

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Getting a degree under online business schools from UK does not require you to travel to the country as it is another convenient facility provided by it. For example, the University of Derby Online Learning or Udol has 3000 students across the globe studying various subjects under it. Which is needed are a device and a stable internet connection.

As stated earlier, learners can study at the time when they will feel comfortable to. Online learning provided them the opportunity of learning even after finishing their initial duties.

The virtual education

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Online education is a form of education encompassed by the virtual sphere. The effectiveness of it is well understood in its splendid delivery of education that benefits learners. It diversifies education with its creative approach and intensifies the educational result with its mind-engaging technology that aims towards the better grasp of the learner’s over education. It is evident that the learners need online education as the modern day lifestyle requires the influential education from them.

We would like to hear your views about the effects of virtual technology on the education scenario.

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