The UK Is Witnessing A Better Professional Life With Graduation

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Another bright hope for the UK graduates with brighter opportunities. It has been found that the rate of employment of the graduate students in the country has significantly risen providing an expansion in the areas of the job markets meant for the graduates.

The survey enlightens the graduates

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The recent survey by the Association of the Graduate Recruiters or the AGI has revealed a growth of 13.2% vacancies in the country demanding graduates. Added to that, the salaries of them have also risen at an amount of £1,000 making a total increase of £28,000.

The largest regions

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The South East and the West Midlands of United Kingdom are the largest regions with 7% and 8% share of graduate recruiters respectively.

Get a job

The question may arise which sectors are offering the highest vacancies. For knowing that, go through the following:

1. The professional service sector is the thing that persists to offer the highest vacancies at 23%.
2. 15% of the vacancies are offered by the public sector.
3. 12% of the vacancies are offered by the engineering and the industrial companies.
4. According to the AGR, the percentage of women averaged 42% per employer in 2013-2014.

What about the payment?

1. The law firms provided the highest amount of salaries starting from £37,000.
2. The financial service companies gave a lesser salary of £31,500.
3. The information telecommunications; the business or consulting services as well as the growing consumer goods companies offer £28,500 as the starting salary.

But the rise of the salary is significant during the past 5 years.

a.  In 2010-2011 the amount was £25,000.
b.  It became £26,000 in 2011-2012.
c.  It again rose to £26,500 in 2012-2013.
d.  It came at £27,000 in 2013-2014.
e.  It increased at an amount of £28,000 in 2014-2015.

Women’s position

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The survey points out that the AGR employers are not employing female graduates as their number is less than usual. With a 46% share of vacancies, the AGR’s suggestion to the country is to get the attention of more graduates.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency or HESA, the proportion of women in 2013-2014 was at the percentage of 42% per employer. The percentage of the female graduates is more though than the females employed. It is found that there are 59% of female graduates.
The lowest percentage of the female graduates was in the industrial and the engineering companies. The percentage was 24%.
The construction companies had increased the percentage a bit to 28%which is not so much high.
However, in 2013-2014 they made up quite better in the retail sector with the percentage of 57%.
In the public sector, the growth is the highest with the percentage of 59%.

The report of the AGR says “While the reasons for this mismatch are still unclear, it appears that more could be done to attract female candidates to graduate recruitment programmes.”

The professional scene of the UK

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16% of the employers in 2013-2014 hired Asian; black and minority ethnic (BAME). The report says this employment “compares well with the graduate talent pool” as the percentage of the BAME graduates is 19% in the country.

These are yet to be done

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The chief executive of the AGR Stephen Isherwood said that more concentration should be given on the employment of women as it is less than usual.

He said “Gender diversity is an issue which requires more of our attention. Although our data cannot explain why women aren’t securing more graduate placements, it indicates there is more to be done to attract female graduates who in turn need to make the most of the opportunities available.”

A spokesperson of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has stressed on the importance of a graduation saying that more efforts are being made to make professions more reachable to the candidates.

He said “Graduates under 30 are enjoying falling rates of unemployment and record earnings, on average. Our reforms are raising education standards across all ages, giving young people the skills to succeed.”

A graduation for fruition

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It is understood that the present scenario of the UK requires, sincerely, a graduate degree from the candidates. If it is achieved then it will mean another succession for the path succession itself.



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