The Importance of Vocational Training For Career Growth

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Let us go back to the America of 1950 and look at its educational condition. What do we see? A different educational road appeared in the world of education suggesting a way of education based on the students’ academic capacity to learn. This different road is known as vocational education. The colleges took the responsibility of the traditional academic courses and they would not provide any vocational courses. The students opting for academic course would take up the colleges as their first choice and those not interested in college would take basic education first and then would go for the vocational training.

How was the concept received?

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The concept was not welcomed warmly by the educators as well as the parents as their realisation was sceptical about the concept. They thought it was the only the reflection of the discrimination based on socio-economic conditions and racism. The mainstream education was also considered to limit the minority and the working class students. In this way, educational system did not witness vocational education’s entrance into it and it resulted into the main concentration being given on opting for traditional education through colleges and this has remained since then.

Diversity in learning

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Everyone has a choice for a definite learning style. All of us cannot follow the same way of studying. Some of the students are meant for achieving academic degrees while others are meant for mechanical and technical studies. Some read while others do. This is the diversity in education.

Surprising data by the BLS

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The US Bureau of Labour Statistics or BLS shows that 68% of the students only attend school. An estimated 40% of the college-goers do not complete their degree programs of four-year duration. One-third of the students successfully completing college courses will get jobs which do not require a college-degree like that. 37% of the graduates are employed in jobs in which a high school degree is enough. 53% recent college graduates are either not employed or under-employed.

The income of school graduates is lesser than that of college graduates. The college graduates’ income is also variable because of their subjects. But those students completing school education and opting vocational education are in a better place than the college graduates.

The true picture

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Although having a lot of benefits, the states began cutting down the vocational trainings.

For example, in 2013 the Los Angeles Unified School District decided to cut all of its vocational programs. The reason of such decision arrived from a problem of financial deficit.

Vocational courses like audio production, aviation maintenance, body technology, photography and real estate are costly.

In this scenario, the vocational education may seem expensive. But it can turn out to be the source of income; the country’s economical future and he inauguration of the removal of unemployment of the 70% high school students not going to college and to almost half of them not completing a college degree successfully and over half of the college graduates being unemployed.

The present situation and its requirements

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The present situation of the economy of the US has changed. With the significant improvement of the manufacturing industry, we can surely be hopeful about the betterment of the condition. But there has been a lack of good and effective skills in the industry as well as the demand of the students willing and finding no other way than studying the vocational education which have been originated from the decrease of this stream of education.

For getting a job in vocational training, only an apprenticeship or a diploma is required. It does not even require college degrees.

Skills are required and not conventional information

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The educational system is also changing. The modern day jobs require robust skills as well as knowledge. Even, the requirement of these implementable skills will grow more and more in the future.

Bring back which helped once

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It is piteous that when the students see the significant requirement of the skills in the manufacturing industry and when they look for education they do not find it. The concentration on college education as the only form of education becomes a hindrance for the vocational studies. Vocational training must come back as the return of it will be demanded by the country.



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