Are you Committed Enough To Study An Online Course?

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With the job market becoming more competitive and demanding, rising volume of learners are now taking up online learning opportunities in order to earn a recognised degree in a flexible yet affordable way. If you are looking forward to build your career, then an online course can certainly help you to reach your professional goals. However, if you think that studying online is an easy task, then you need to think again. Online learning requires you to be highly focused, self-motivated and disciplined as you will need to balance your work, family and studies effectively.

So are you ready for such a commitment? If yes, then online education can certainly help you reach your goals. Read on…

How to get started

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When you start your online course, you will be required to invest around 10 to 15 hours per week for your studies. During this time, you will need to conduct a number of different academic activities that will enhance your learning experience. Some of these activities include:

2.Reading course materials
3.Writing assignments
4.Participating in online discussions
5.Watching online video lectures
6.Interacting with your teachers and tutor s
7.Participating in live discussions
8.Practical application of learning

Manage time better

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You may think that 15 hours of study per week means a lot of time which you need to invest, but when you break it down it comes to 2hrs 30mins of academic activities per day for a 6 day period. But considering you already have a busy schedule to maintain, how can you manage your time effectively to include your studies?

As per Ofcom, communications regulator in the UK, on a daily basis average UK residents spend around 3hrs 52mins in watching television. If you simply took out the time needed for your daily studies from your TV watching schedules you could easily fit in your studies and still find some time to enjoy your favourite TV shows. Another study from, found that the average UK resident needs to commute 47mins every day. This is a great opportunity to check on your course materials via your tab or smartphone while you are on the go.

Moreover, the Ofcom research also found that British students tend to spend around 15 hours each week on the internet. Hence, it will be a smart move for you to manage this time and focus on your online course and relevant research on the internet, instead of spending your time on social networks and insignificant web browsing.

If you are a professional pursuing higher studies online, then you may want to check with your employer to get some support for your studies. Today, many companies encourage and help their employees to pursue further education by giving them some time off each week to study as a part of their training commitment. According to Wharton University of Pennsylvania, it is more beneficial for businesses to promote staff from within. Hence, up-skilling employees is an important and advantageous endeavour for most companies.

Stay focused

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Pursuing online learning requires you to remain focused on your goals and stay committed throughout the entire period. Although, you will need to alter your daily schedules and routine, these will undoubtedly help you find more time every day and acquire your degree.

Feel free to add to the discussion by sharing your views and experiences below. We would love to hear what you think about online education.



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