Ofsted set to Improve the Inhouse Quality of Inpectors

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Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, UK, has geared up to inspect the school and colleges with strict disciples after a prolong period of time. For the last few years ,Ofsted had been inspecting the quality of UK education with staffs, out of which 40% weren’t fit for the role, complained Mr. Russell Hobby, the General Secretary of National Association of Head Teachers.

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The teachers and professors had been complaining about the poor inspection services for quite a few years but the complains remained unattended by Ofsted. Lately Ofsted was using around 3000 additional inspectors hired on a contractual basis , of which few many inspectors didn’t have the relevant teaching or leadership experience. The substandard service increased the discontent towards Ofsted among the educational professional.

In order to back up Ofsted said,” the 3,000 additional inspectors it was using, 2,800 had expressed an interest in becoming in-house Ofsted inspectors.”

Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers , said: “It is unacceptable that these inspectors have been judging school quality – and coming to conclusions which, too often, lack validity or reliability.

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The Turn Around:

Sir Robin Bosher, Ofsted’s head of quality and training “I am committed to making sure that my colleagues in headship can be assured they have a good inspector walking up the path. I’m determined that will happen.”

So in order to deliver quality inspection , Ofsted is terminating the service of around 1200 inspectors, the reason been their poor performance in producing reports, on the basis of “Robust Assessment ” process, the organisation has taken this decision.

On a good note, the contractual term of the inspectors would be ending sometime in near July,2015. So the organisation is trying to make a cut and go for more efficient employed hired directy under the organisation supervision by September,2015.

Sir Robin Bosher added:

“We stand by the inspections that we have done in the last few years.

“The teaching profession is always being asked to improve and reform, and Ofsted is no different.

“We see an opportunity to improve our services and we are going to take it.”

This diplomatic expression seems to impress the hearts of many but still few educational experts remain skeptical and could have a close watch on the further developmental changes that Ofsted bring along.

The Beginning:

Mr Robin Bosher is imperative that the changes within the organisation would really bring some positive results and the criticisers who had kept no stones unturned , to complain about the poor quality inspection services will really have a handful of imperative results. He diligently believes that the services of the new recruited inspectors will have a higher level satisfactions among the teachers and professors. This would in turn facility in improved quality of UK education.

Source: bbc.in/1daGwmt


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