How EMBA Can Help Entrepreneurs In Building Successful Start-Ups

1If you are planning to start a business, then you must consider studying EMBA. With better utilisation of technology, better teaching approaches, networking opportunities, and self-financing options, numerous students are now flocking in to study EMBA programmes.

Are you gearing up to start your business? But is pursuing an MBA programme a logical step for you? Studying a full time MBA will undoubtedly take up 2 or more years which you could effectively invest into your work. I believe the best thing for you is to go for an EMBA programme. It will not only enable you to earn an accredited MBA degree but also allow you to work on your start-up while you study. Let’s see how….

Can EMBA Help Entrepreneurs?


As the corporate world has become increasingly competitive, numerous aspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe are pursuing EMBA to gain a solid understanding of how a business actually works. Bryan Fedorak wanted to create a new type of countertop cocktail mixer which would serve drinks only at the push of a button. Although he had a great business idea, he needed to know the basics of basics. Hence he decided to study the LaunchPad programme offered by the Wilfrid Laurier University.

This programme, touted as the only programme in Canada designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, aims to teach learners about the fundamentals of starting a business. Fedorak said “(LaunchPad) counts for course credit, but you don’t really take it for the marks. You take it to start a business.” The programme follows a hands-on approach that allows learners to quickly understand the basics of developing and running a start-up and how to cope with business challenges. This enabled Fedorak and his team to focus on the right target market for their cocktail mixing machine known as Max.

Growing Scope Of EMBA


Apart from Fedorak, many other entrepreneurs, like the inventor of the credit card-sized computer board Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton, are pursuing EMBAs to ensure they run their start-ups effectively. However, there has been a shift in the students’ base for EMBAs. Initially these programmes were mainly pursued by corporate-sponsored learners as it was considered to be a platform to enter the board.  However, in the past few years the scenario has changed drastically. Now innumerable aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs or professionals who want to change careers are going for these programmes.

Due this change, there has been a significant fall in the numbers of corporate-sponsored students. According to Marie Courtois, Head of Career Development for Executive Degrees at Insead, the institute has seen a noticeable fall in the volume of sponsored learners. She claims that merely 7 per cent of EMBA students at Insead were self-funded in 2006; whereas the number is at 70 per cent this year. Moreover, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has also seen a drop in students who are sponsored by their companies.

However, nowadays it is not just aspiring entrepreneurs who are pursuing EMBA degrees. Many professionals who wish to change their career path are also studying Entrepreneurial MBA programmes. Courtois said “This is a massive, massive shift. We see an information technology director or people with 15 years in the telecoms industry who want to move into consulting.”

Build Your Business While Earning Your Degree


With better utilisation of technology, better teaching approaches, networking opportunities, and self-financing option, numerous students from across the globe are now flocking in to study EMBA programmes. If you are planning to pursue an Entrepreneurial MBA programme then you can study from various institutes such as Queen’s University, the University of New Brunswick, Schulich School of Business of York University and Sauder School of Business of University of British Columbia as they are offering excellent entrepreneurship study opportunities. You can also find many other institutes online that offer affordable and accredited EMBA degrees.


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