Does MBA Play Any Role In Boosting Careers Of Technology Professionals?

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With increasing competition in the Information Technology (IT) sector, it is gradually becoming difficult for technology professionals to rise to middle/senior management level and advance their careers. As majority of the workforce is trying to aim for the next promotion, many individuals like you are finding it really difficult to get ahead of the rest. As the IT industry is growing at an alarmingly slow rate, opportunities for tech professionals seem to be limited.

Business Skills With Technical Expertise

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Hence it has become even more important for you to gain business acumen along with technical experience if you wish to make it big in the technology sector. Now there is a need to equip the IT workforce with the fundamentals of business and management. You will not only be able to apply management skills at the workplace, but you will also be able to rise up to the next management level. However, numerous in-house training programmes have been unsuccessful. Hence now the onus shifts to tech professionals like you to pursue an MBA acquire business skills and knowledge that will give you and your career the edge you need.

Michael Morris decided to earn an MBA even when he had more than 10 years of experience in networking and communications. Now he works as an IT manager at one of the leading tech companies where he leads a team of engineers. He says “My technology background is networking and telecommunications. I’m good at that. The problem is, if I want to go and run application groups, which is where a lot of senior IT managers and CIOs come from, they’re going to look at me and say, ‘You’re a network guy. Why would we want you to run our Oracle platform?’ The theory is that (an MBA degree) will open up doors in other parts of IT that my technology background can’t take me to.”

Business Knowledge Is An Asset

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Morris believes his knowledge in business and finance has served as an asset to his career. He adds “The best thing the MBA gives me from a skills standpoint is the ability to really look at business decisions, quantify them from a financial perspective, apply certain principles, and derive an ROI from any type of activity. That’s key, because there aren’t a lot of IT people who can really do that.”

Hence an MBA degree will undoubtedly boost your career prospects and open up new doors for you to venture into, even if you are in the IT sector. So if you are thinking about getting an MBA, this is the right time. However, you need to consider something first. Although there are many B-schools and professional training institutes that offer a wide range of MBA programmes for various professionals, it requires a heavy investment of time and money. As a working professional, pursuing a full-time MBA programme for 2 years seems almost impossible as it might put your current career at jeopardy and add a gaping hole in your work experience.

Earn A Degree, While Gaining Experience

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In this scenario, the best option for you is to pursue an online postgraduate diploma in business. Online MBA programmes are designed in such a way that it enables you without making compromises in your present job. You can easily access the study materials from the internet and study anytime anywhere. Moreover, with an online postgraduate diploma in management you can fast track to the final year of a recognised MBA degree. Hence you will be able to earn an MBA degree faster and focus on your career, instead of spending 2 years sitting in a classroom.

As online MBA programmes are usually customised to meet the needs of the learners, you can easily find the most appropriate course for you. But if you are wondering if business education will be relevant for your career, then let me tell you that the scope and prospect of an MBA is wide spread.

Relevance Of Your Business Education

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If you are a tech professional in the software products field, then you need to be aware of various issues like requirements of your target market, importance and need of specific features, how a particular feature should be applied to meet business needs etc. You also need to have a sound understanding of economics behind the product you are working on. How will you place your product? How will you price it? What should be the channels of distribution? What features are most valued by customers?

You must know the economics behind the product lifecycle management process: when will your client obtain the maximum value from your product; when will you experience maximum cost; what will be the upgrade cost for your customer; what will be the cost to your vendor etc. Business education can help you gain a strong understanding about various aspects related to your work, no matter how technical it is.

However, if you are a tech professional who helps customers in implementing packages such as ERPs and other valuable systems, then an MBA can be especially important for you. You need to understand product features for the standpoint of business and also understand basics of the business process which your product’s feature will support. A sound knowledge of business management will allow you to proactively recommend various methods to your clients, instead of just acting as a passive recipient of their business needs.

A postgraduate diploma in management can also prove to be beneficial for client engagement managers as well. It will help you learn the business basics of your clients as well as better concentrate on the economics of your own organisation. Client managers with proper business knowledge know how to help their client’s business which results in long term partnerships, stronger relationships and higher quality conversations.

Let’s face it…You can no longer deny the importance of an MBA degree in boosting your career prospects in the IT industry. What you learn during your course will not only help you understand different aspects of your job better, but it will make you eligible for senior management roles as well.

How do you think an MBA will help your IT career? What other benefits does online MBA offer to tech professionals? Feel free to share your own opinions and views. We would love to hear from you.


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