Integrating Online Education in the World of Business

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Online education is being appreciated and it is being welcomed by offices all over the world. It is evidently a profitable scheme for both learners and the ones who are selling and designing these courses. Massive open online courses and business schools are making a joint venture to make students successful in their field of work.

These courses are based on the needs of executives who are seeking professional training. They are being widely popularized in fields like cybersecurity to the ever expanding domain of marketing.

Since the content that is being developed is freely available to many people, it is becoming popular and professionals from various companies are exploring the vast possibilities. Academicians too, are showing a deep interest in this regard.

Students who are doing their graduation or post- graduation in business studies are happy with the added advantage of having these online resources along with the information that is being received in their classrooms.

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The developers of online courses are offering them for a nominal price and benefits such as user analytics original content development are being highly appreciated. The courses that are well known are edX, Coursera and Udemy. Statistical reports have shown that these corporate training markets are worth $70 billion in the United States.Some of the courses are also being developed in collaboration with various colleges that offer on campus training as well.

It has been noted that edX had 3,500 enrolments from over 2,000 organizations like Microsoft which helped them earn $1.7 million. The courses on energy, innovation and cybersecurity cost about $1,249 and ensured that students would be able to use the final degrees successful when seeking employment.

Udemy, another noteworthy online developer, now has over 350 partners like Oracle Corporation. Coursera has also been providing free content and has successfully launched business courses online.  A student could get a certificate for a nominal price of $49. New courses are being introduced time and again and courses related to digital marketing are being offered for a very reasonable price. The duration of such courses range for about four weeks for a price of $300 and a certificate is issued that ensures a good job with a decent salary. Yahoo is one of the clients that is working with Coursera. C3 Energy, one of the most reputable software companies is paying companies to enrol themselves in courses on machine learning which are helping workers practically in the firms.

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Initiates are also being taken by Bank of New York Mellon to help employees gain new insight  on the flow of capital, the true implication of liquidity and the importance of risk management. This bank already has 51,000 employees who are learning about these financial details.

London Business School has also been successful in gaining a $38 million contract that is specifically designed to train managers who are employed at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. It is regarded as the largest agreement signed by the business school.

The Oxford Said Business School has also successfully generated income that is ever increasing from $9 million to $15 million per annum.

There are millions of other schools and firms that are offering such opportunities for students to grow financially and to build their skills and develop their personalities. It is highly essential in a competitive world where businesses are striving to flourish and remain dominant in the global market.


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