How You Can Pitch Your Business Idea Without Fail

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Planning to pitch a business idea to a potential investor? Well, then you should not have any doubts that it will be one of the most important and toughest presentations of your career. So here are some excellent tips to help you with your pitch and your presentation from Spencer Waldron, UK Country Manager and presentation expert at cloud presentation software firm Prezi. Read on to learn how to give a power-packed presentation and get your business idea the attention it deserves-

What Do Investors Expect From You?

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Whether it’s a family member, investor or your bank manager, it is imperative that they are confident about your business idea and that your business will be able to retain clients. Hence you must motivate confidence in your investors through facts and statistics. Investors tend to look for businesses that have low risk and high return prospect. Thus your presentation should be prepared highlighting these points. However, bank managers are more long-term in their viewpoint compared to angel investors.

Your presentation must be prepared in a way that it showcases your established business management skills to the bank managers. Your investors want to find out if you will be able to successfully lead your business forward 5 years in the future when your company gets bigger. If you want investors to consider your business plan, then it will be smarter to show initial cash flow from limited costs and revenues instead of predicting high returns in future

Your presentation must have a noticeable quality as investors generally look for 3 specific points during a pitch-

Your Business Idea

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This is perhaps the most crucial factor in getting an investor for your business. Your idea must be impactful and should aim to make a change in the way we live, such as the next Facebook, eBay or WhatsApp. This will get your investors interested and take notice.

Your Team

It is highly important that you depict you have a skilled and experienced team who will help you to steer your business towards your goals.

Your Market

Does the market have enough scope for your business to expand? Is the market big or niche? The market you will operate in must be profitable.

These issues will help you to customise and enhance your presentation according to your business and create on impact on the investors or bank managers.

Prepare Yourself

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You must do your homework and adequate research before you start pitching for investment. Begin with the following-

  • Create an executive summary for the business.

  • Prepare a business plan and include life time value, cost of acquisition, cash burn, profit and loss etc.

  • Examine and complete the paperwork for EIS and SEIS tax breaks, if applicable

  • Find out how you can offer a business evaluation in exchange for equity.

Plan Your Business Presentation

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  • Preparing the right presentation requires a lot of time and effort. You need to start developing this the day you plan about starting your own business.

  • Design the presentation well and carefully think about the content you want to include in the presentation to make it appealing to your investors.

  • Usually investors tend to factual type of audiences. So your presentation must include sufficient details, data, statistics and show expected return on investment. Also make sure that your presentation is well-designed and offers a clear overview about your business.

Deliver Your Business Dream

Developing the right business presentation needs a lot of planning, designing, writing and time. Moreover you must also focus on the delivery so that it hooks the investors right where you want them. By following the tips mentioned above, you will certainly enhance your chances getting an investor to turn your business idea into a reality.


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