Why Be an Online Learner?

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The twenty-first century has witnessed the growing popularity of accomplishing all of life’s tasks online. It has made our life much simpler. Previously we used to read textbooks. They would be stuffing our knapsacks and would be a great burden in our lives.

We no longer need to worry about shopping. Everything can be purchased online. If you need new shoes, a simple click will bring them to your doorstep. Customizable education is a term that we read about today.

If you want to watch a favourite movie or watch a show on the television, they can be viewed online.The daily news is plastered in every device and updated periodically.

Making the right choice?

You can avail courses of your choice that might not even be accessible in local schools. The subjects can be chosen in accordance with the choice of the learner. High school students who are aspiring to become college graduates have many courses to choose from when they become college students.

The topics can be learnt at any hour that is suitable for the learner. There are no fixed periods for learning. Students whose parents are into business and require regular transfers can benefit from such courses. They can complete their work from just anywhere. There will be space for recreation as well. It is not as expensive as traditional courses.

Attention is given to the learner

This course ensures that learning takes place in accordance with the kind of learner the pupil is. If a student is stimulated to learn visually or orally, the course caters to his needs accordingly. If the student is inhibited to learn in the company of others, this online course can really help these potentially good yet insecure learners to acquire knowledge.

What Students Need To Do In Order To Learn Online

According to data cited by CollegeAtlas.org, most online students are women (70 percent), age 34 or younger (54 percent), who take classes while working full-time (60 percent) and value the ability to balance work, family and school (68 percent).

The statistics states that it is a popular mode of learning. But we must realize that students need to be self-motivated when they are learning. They need to exercise self-discipline. They need to set goals and prioritize their work, life and education to achieve balance in each area. Time management, planning and discipline are the key ingredients of a successful learning procedure. There are flexible classroom options as well.

What are the different kinds of classes that can be availed by online learners?

The students can avail classes that are web- facilitated. The study materials are more widely available online and online classes are fewer. Teachers are met personally.

The online classes include lessons being imparted online. The content is delivered online. The teachers are hardly met online.

There are blended or hybrid classes in which 30-79% of the study materials are delivered online, professors are rarely met in person, except perhaps once or twice in a semester and discussions take place online.

What are the latest steps taken to popularize online learning?

In recent times, Udacity Inc has created online courses to train future employees.“We’re taking specific jobs and reverse-engineering them to teach what’s required and then certifying a person in that area,” Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun said.

Drive Capital Founder Mark Kvamme joins the board.

The next step is to make it [Udacity] credible and show people in this country and others that there are alternative pathways to employment,” Mr. Thrun said. “The biggest issue is trust. With Harvard and MIT the trust is there, but [with learning startups] it’s a trust that needs to be earned.”

This is an objective that is aiming at making students competent to be a part of the corporate companies after their online courses are over.

These are a few glimpses of what online learning is doing to change the lives of the students and in turn it is trying to bring about a global change. The future will be prosperous thanks to online learning.

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