Online Education. What is its true Worth?

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We are living in an era, which possesses all kind of conveniences, in terms of time, technology and even education. Previously the educational course, which seemed to be impossible to achieve due to the lack of time, money and due to the adequacy of personal and professional responsibilities, today, with the graduation of time and technology, that academic degree can be attained easily. Thanks to the radically evolved online learning, today a four years long programme does take only 2 years.

The Benefits That Are Surging

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If the question arises, why the majority of contemporary students tend to incline towards the ventures of online education? The most probable answer would be, e-learning programmes not only welcome students into a world of education without boundaries,but the students are also rendered with a plenty of aspects that make them seek online degrees.

  • Schedule Per Flexibility

Online education programmes not only reduce the complications and limitations of time & place, but the students are also offered to access their course at any time & from anywhere. There are abundance of online programmes for those too, who have already started to go ahead with their professional careers, providing them with the affordable and approachable resources and technologies.

  • The Limits Are Infinite

Online courses can be adequately accessible for students to interact with people from other corner of the world, broadening their perspectives after having a different point of view. Individuals can also share notes with each other to help facilitate community learning. The need to have physical textbooks on their desks is gradually heading to extinct, since many e-books are available.

  • Boast To Excellence

This breakthrough in education allows people from all over the world to acquire not only a degree but also prowess, & that too without extracting the life-long garnered capital. Students, belonging a variety of cultural & socio-economical background, are being able to choose from a wider breadth of degree programs that might not yet be available through nearby public or private institutions.

The Challenges That Are Worth Facing

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However, there is a stain on online learning that says, this process is easier than the traditional one. This is indeed a misconception. To be an online student you are supposed to strive for discipline, motivation & the ability to multi-task. There are some challenges that you have to overcome in order to attain an online prowess.

  • Motivation

To be continuously engaged in education, maintaining a distance from proper classrooms, seeks an intense level of motivation & discipline & they are too easy to acquire. After coursework & assignments are distributed at the beginning of the programme, students’ responsibility to complete the relevant works in a timely fashion begins, & that too without any regular guidance.

  • Personal Interaction

As previously discussed, online students do not possess the access to daily interact face-to-face with their professors. Similarly, interactions or any type of converstion with their fellow students are often conducted online as well. Despite all the limitations like lack of face-to-face communication,different time zones and conflicting schedules, online pupils are still expected to work together in groups.

Online & Traditional Education- Conflict Or Replacement

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There was a time when a classroom was defined by the presence of blackboard, chalk, benches, and a cohort of students, listening to the professor’s lectures. But the picture in recent time has completely been veered. Today a modern age student seeks an accessible, flexible, innovative and job-oriented education programme, which can be provided by online learning programmes.

While a traditional college education provides students with a plenty of important benefits like students-teacher interaction, a campus environment to shape up students’ future & a strict study schedule, on the other side, e-learning study programmes have brought education into the reach of every student, belonging diverse of social, economical & religious genre.

The traditional method of education, comprising lectures, books and desks, may not be the quintessential learning environment for every student. In a New York Times article, experts manifested that the real goal of online education is “providing learning experiences that are more tailored to individual students than is possible in classrooms.”

Instead of all the contrary thoughts, that online courses are facing, the technology is advancing everyday to make the new genre of education gear up. Convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quality enrichment are just some of the variables that have been bestowed upon the students via the mighty Internet learning. Distance education has not only obtained uplifts in these areas, but other facets of experience are also being explored.


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