Google- A Platform That Motivates

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One can not imagine today’s modern life without Internet. From education to business, every aspect of living is deeply influenced by the multi-faceted impacts of Internet & if Internet culminates into something, that is called Google. Google & Internet are inextricable parts of each other. However the question arises, what makes Google so important & conversant? It’s the distinct strategy to escalate the standard of education through different apps that has led the company to accomplishments, having its own search engine, browser, the cellphone and tablet operating system, and the list goes on.

Google contribution to today’s Classrooms

After releasing a preview in May, Google is finally unveiling its new most updated Classroom tool, available to anyone, who does possess Google Apps For Education account. This distinct free suite of productivity tools, comprising Gmail, Drive and Docs, is precisely designed to help teachers to create and collect assignments with more easy & harass-free way. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to help keep everyone organized.

–Get Started With The Classroom

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Constant going through education has always remained one of the pivotal goals of Google. Google has always been instrumental in encouraging the entire process of teaching & learning & this classroom tool is one of the consequences of Google’s strive to achieve academic excellence.

  • This distinguished Google tool is so easy to set up that, teachers can add students directly or share a code, inviting them to join a class.
  • The easy & paperless workflow provides the teachers with the access to create, review, and grade assignments quickly & without any hassle.
  • This Google app equips students to improve their sense of organization, filing all class materials & assignments automatically into folders in Google Drive.
  • Interclass communication is enhanced with the usage of this app, allowing teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Students also can share information with each other or can provide answers to questions on the specific subject.

Google Form- Evolution In Teaching

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One of the recent most addition to the series of technologies, that are being used in classrooms while teaching, is the Google Form. Being one of the key features of the Google Drive, Google Forms help a modern day teacher to plan events, make a survey, give students a quiz or other informations in an easy way. The most enthralling aspect of the Google tool is that, it not only make teaching-learning process time-saving and streamlined, but it turns the entire process enjoyable also.

  • An uninhibited path of communication is one of the pivotal aspects, that turns a teacher-students relation into a comfortable one. Google Form has made the process even more easy and hassle free, sharing students’ names, contact informations, and something unique and interesting about themselves.
  • A little question-answer session with students about the day’s lesson or a simple check in previous day’s homework- Google Form’s Bell Ringer activity is there to accompany the teachers.
  • collecting home-work and checking them one by one can be sheer tedious & time consuming. Google Form is present here to help with that also, providing with the conveniences to gather and tabulate all the homework in one place.
  • Google Form has drastically changed the approach to grade students, enabling teachers to quickly give individualized feedback through creating Rubrics.

And Finally

Since the Google teaching-learning tools have made their grand advent, over 100,000 teachers from more than 45 countries have signed up, says so Google. “We’ve also heard that educators want a simple place to post information and materials about their classes, so we added an ‘About’ page for each course as well,” the company said in a blog post. So there is no doubt in the fact that, Google has brought a revolution for all the teachers & students out there. If you think the same, & experienced the facilities, provided by these multi-faceted Google techs, you can share your experience with me and enrich me with your realization.

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