The Pacing Track Of Business Education

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When asked British badminton player Arak Bhokanandh, why did he choose to go for a business education study programme in the midst of his busy sport schedule, while he was on the court five times a week, his answer was quiet honest & straight forward.

He explained,”I had to make an honest assessment: how much farther could I go on in my playing career? I was about to hit my 30’s.” 

It is indeed true. The span of professional sportsmen are always confined into the tick-tock of the clock. As it is not a life-long career, now-a-days, it is being witnessed that most of the sports persons are inclining towards other career options.

Business Education-A Pathway To Future

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But why business study? “The MBA itself was a tool and an aspiration to get me onto that next career path,” Arak said. Not only Arak, many other sportspeople also tend to pursue business programme, driven by a passion. According to Paul Swangard,

”They all tend to have a connection to sport through participation or fandom”

Business education is one distinguished study course that covers almost all the genres of contemporary society, business students are equipped with all the proficiency, they need to survive in professional challenges. Being enriched with a high multi-domain managerial skill, a competent business student is floored with diverse & highly paid career options in his/her respective education genre. People with strong personal brand like sportsmen, artists or musicians are more aimed by the business education courses, as they teach them how to transcend their prior success into business achievements.

How They Manage Study & Career

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A modern age business student today has access to a flexible, innovative and job-oriented Business diploma online programme from any of the reputed online business school to choose from. Thus it has become much easier to pursue education for those, who are simultaneously balancing their present career & the preparation for the future career.

The online business programmes not only provides them with an enhanced learning experience, which extends beyond academics, but it also elevates their strategic & leadership expertise.

  • Learners will explore the bonding with people within the sector after going through a course in business.
  • Business diploma online courses also equip the future business professionals with the skills to make right decision at the right time and proceed with it in the right way.
  • Turning a problem into an advantage with creativity is another key skill that is explored through this distinguished programmed.

The Eminent Examples

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While welsh cricketer Gareth Rees is pursuing his EMBA at Path, Canadian Olympic skier Emily Brydon completed an MBA at Imperial College Business School and Storm Uru- All theses eminent sportsmen are the refined example of how business education programmes are covering the life & future plans of professionals.

Business education has also provided these athletes with the opportunity to work in the business of sport. Today sports management has been accentuated with success due to the rather successful events like World Cup in Brazil and the London Olympics.

Last year Arak was blessed with opportunity at New Look, the British fashion retailer, where he has invested his past ten months, managing the company’s digital strategy, and innovation. He has not packed up his racket kit completely – he still plays on a non-professional basis. But the business education has given him the skills to score points in larger & more extended professional court.


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