STEM- Inspiration To Study

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Subjects like Maths & science had long been difficult & tedious for students as they could not find any relevant applications of those subjects in their everyday lives. However the scenario has changed with the gradual evolution of education, acquainting students with new ideas & challenges. Today getting educated needs to be immensely innovative and prudent to evolve. As far as modern innovative & exciting education is concerned, the STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, &Mathematics) provides students with a robust foundation for a wide range of exciting and lucrative careers in the future.

The Relevance It Offers

Talking of the coherence of STEM education, Judith Hallinen, an educator at Carnegie Mellon University says,

“There is a misconception amongst some educators that STEM-related studies are meant for elite students.”

David Cedrone, Executive Director, Governor’s STEM Advisory Council of Massachusetts adds,

“STEM education is necessary at all levels from high school to vocational school to PhD programs.” 

So what makes STEM so relevant to the modern academic pattern. Well the valuable expertises of problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking are some of the key aspects, provided by the study of STEM. Although teens and their parents may think, there is no need to study engineering or technology beyond their typical science and math classes, unless they want a career in these fields, the diverse array of careers that are not confined only into engineering.

It is true that, there are students who want to opt out Science & Technology subjects, thinking those are not their cup of tea. However, the study programme of STEM does not let those students give up, it encourages them to ask for assistance. It is the educators’ responsibility to illustrate how these subjects are relevant to their students ’ lives and find creative, interesting ways to teach these concepts so that kids want to learn more.

The Multiplicity It Offers

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Is STEM synonymous to white lab coats or jobs in technology? The answer is definitely a “NO”. A Massachusetts based WOW campaign illustrates how a STEM education can open many doors for students, highlighting the careers of 15 different professionals, starting from a video game designer, a meteorologist, to a baseball statistician. This distinct campaign manifests that STEM defines careers for the next decades.

Even President Obama has voiced on the need for STEM oriented careers, that will determine the socio-economic future of the United States. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) released a report in 2011 that reflects the fact that, over the past 10 years, growth in STEM jobs was three times greater than that of non-STEM jobs, and STEM jobs are expected to continue to grow at a faster rate than other jobs in the coming era.

The Inspiration It Offers

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It has long been a pre-conceived notion that toying with technology is the forte of boys rather than girls. But STEM has modified this social stereotype & encouraged girls to pursue the study programme.

Large corporations like Microsoft are jumping to promote girls and STEM. Their DigiGirlz Program teaches high school girls about careers in technology and provides with hands-on computer and technology workshops.

What To Say Finally

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Boonton High School senior Anthony DiFalco has spent his summer, exploring his interests and a potential career path with TCNJ’s Center for Excellence for STEM Education. Attending the session has been proven to be worthwhile for DiFalco, giving him a challenging, but authentic, learning experience. “I definitely grew as a person over the five days; I certainly didn’t think I could successfully pull off an entire teaching lesson by the end of the first night.”-was the appriciating words of DiFalco, who is now considering biomedical engineering or an accelerated medical program or even a career in technology after accomplishing a profound experience with STEM. Hence it can be concluded that, STEM education is paramount for all students, endowing a background that enhances the flexible, logical minds, and inspires the capacity for all youth to continue learning.


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