MOOC: A Massive Access To The Future Learning

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The Era Of Expansion

On a fine day of 2011 a renowned Stanford University academic had decided to educate billions of people around the world rather than only 200 students. It all started from there. Over the next three months, the Professor provided some 160,000 people with the same lectures, that he offered his regular Stanford students, who are paying $52,000 a year. When the result came, something shocking hit his conscience. The top 400 students belonged to the group, who had taken class on the Internet. It all started from there, and now the Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs are being referred to “ flatten corporate education”.

Proceed With Excellence

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Today most of the eminent enterprising companies possess the goal to partner with major MOOC providers and have more expansion in their traditional corporate learning programs.

According to Jenny Dearborn, SAP, “ this is all helping corporate learning programs expand beyond the traditional controlled box of learning management systems.”

Learn From The Leader

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In this modern educational era, where traditional MOOCs have not yet inclined into the internal corporate development sphere, the corporate learning leaders have scope to obtain lessions from both good MOOCs and bad MOOCs.

MOOC do’s

  • Simplicity is one of the key lessons that a corporate learning team should keep in mind. Creating small and simple content modules and letting people learn in their own pace are some of the utmost key rules to follow.

  • Staying connected with the students through regular discussions and question answer sessions and providing help where necessary are another vital points to keep in conscience.

  • When students get some acknowledgements like certificates or badges, that can be their companions even outside the company, it will elevate the accomplishment rate of MOOC.

  • Veering the format is very important when it comes to escalate the merit of the learning process. Letting co-workers evaluate each other, switching the classes and most importantly problem solving discussions with the learners are some of the aspects that upgrade the completion rate of MOOC.

MOOC don’ts

  • Don’t rush on the resources that are needed for these online classes. One has to understand the massive responsibility to help a class of 10,000 people with study content.

  • Don’t forget to look after everything to improve the course format, from tracking the number of pupils, completing the course, to how they advance with it.

  • Don’t curb the technology into any catagory. MOOC has to be made as accessible and easy to use for every one as facebook.

  • Don’t leave every responsibility on MOOC. Let good content, talented instructors and support do their job too.

To Conclude

Finally, as the name suggests, MOOC not only provides a massive access of online learning to the people from every genre, it serves your company wih a premium cohort of future employees.

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