Learn “Something Extra” with an International MBA

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Numerous students around the world are now studying MBA programmes that offer an international perspective. Nowadays, employers prefer applicants with international exposure due to increasing globalisation. Moreover, as more businesses are now operating at an international level, MBA graduates need a global edge which will give them a competitive advantage in the intense job market.

Offering Something Extra

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An international MBA programme offers something extra to both graduates and employers. Currently, hordes of MBA students are now pursuing Business studies abroad in order to stand out of the crowd and give a strong push to their careers. It has been observed that most MBA aspirants are getting enrolled in programmes outside of their native countries. According to studies conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, some of the most preferred options are-

  • USA
  • France
  • Spain
  • Canada

Going International

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It was also found that around 29 per cent of employers in Europe expected to place recently recruited MBA graduates in the Asia Pacific region; while 17 per cent planned to place fresh MBA recruits in Africa or the Middle East; and 15 per cent European employers were set to place recruits in Latin America. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council report, 85 per business school graduates in 2013 were contented with their decision to pursue MBA and believed that now they have a competitive edge in the job market.

At the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California, 78 per cent of MBA students were international. Last year, 74 per cent students at the institute came from different nations. Meanwhile, the Global MBA programme offered by the ESSEC Business School in France consists of about 80 per cent international students. Claire Gaudissart, Career Development Manager of the programme, says, “Companies with international interests and development plans will particularly value MBAs with international experience and training, so they offer particularly good employment opportunities to MBAs with global ambitions”.

Need For Choosing Wisely

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But the students need to be careful about which country they choose to study as it will significantly impact their future career path. Claire believes that students should “consider the country or region where they want to work, potential obstacles like language or visas, whether their intended career responds to the needs of companies located there and the strength of their school’s reputation and alumni network in the area”.

Career development manager Claire Gaudissart believes that as an aspiring MBA student, you need to choose a college or business school depending on various factors. She adds, “An MBA can be an excellent tool to open doors, build a network, and gain exposure to a new business environment that will help (you) launch an international career”.

You have to utilise the strengths and advantages of the business school and the country you study in to make the most of your programme. This will not only help you learn better but will also enable you to gain a global perspective. This will benefit your career in the long run as you acquire comprehensive knowledge about international business and market trends. However, you must have an open mind in order to gain new experiences and try out new projects.

Lesley Green, an MBA graduate from ESSEC says, “When I look at my resume now I see I’ve studied in three different continents and worked in another three. It’s a really great thing to have”.


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