The Making Of Management Consultants With MBA and Technical Skills

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Gavin Henderson chose to pursue his MBA from the HEC Paris which stood out for its balance between duration, depth of studies, flexibility and an international reputation and exposure. Apart from the knowledge and the degree, Gavin benefitted from the increased professional contacts and benefit from HEC’s leading alumni network. He managed to recover his tuition investment within a span of two years a fact that bears proof of the success of his move.

When asked the reason he decided to pursue an MBA he said”… I was looking to extend my business acumen with a professional qualification – to increase my international exposure and boost my career” According to him his main benefits from the school’s program was “Summing up, my key takeaways are: Remaining open to opportunities; soft skills are paramount in management roles; the value of networking.”  According to him the MBA has has definitely increased his overall job opportunities as “Yes, definitely. Prior to the MBA I worked for start-ups in Edinburgh.

These entrepreneurial environments instilled a hands-on approach and a ‘can do’ attitude which remains with me today. However, I found it difficult to find acceptance in the larger corporations that I approached. Speaking to clients and colleagues, I notice that they recognise HEC Paris; the impact that the school’s reputation has on their attitude is evident.” His advice to a science graduate considering an MBA will be” In this day and age technology is a key driver to many business strategies and companies see the value of people who have both the technical understanding and a business perspective.

An MBA is the ideal further education course to supplement your technical knowledge with the business acumen that will make you a real asset in a corporate environment.” “Additionally, if you are not already receiving the support of a mentor I would encourage you to identify a role model, from your current professional or your desired direction, and start preparing to take you career forwards.” he said.

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These days management degrees are the field of choice for graduates. And for those who wish to pursue an MBA in the long term as well as others interested in the wider field of management, can take the help of online courses especially those which offer a credit top up from a management diploma to a full fledged degree. This offers a number of benefits apart from the more obvious benefits of online courses. It enables you to:

  • Save Time: If you opt for a full degree this sort of diploma can be a real timesaver where you can save a year, when you pursue the degree whether online or on-campus.
  • Save Money: Online courses such as these are far less expensive than real on-campus ones and the amount of money saved is significant.

Look out for the following skills and knowledge related to strategy and leadership in your course:

An analysis of what constitutes powerful leaders is an important part of any course in management. Their shaping up and development in circumstances both exterior and interior are important subjects that must be an integral part of any course in management. Development of strong interpersonal bonds with enhanced communication techniques within the commercial sectors is a vital part of any business.

The ability to motivate and influence people is a skill that must be acquired to inspire people and bring about an unity of direction within businesses. Another crucial part of leadership is the key skill of decision making which involves the act of doing the right things in the right way at the right time. The process of making a good decision needs to be dissected and analyzed.


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