How can Business Graduates withstand the after-effects of Recession?

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A good number of organisations today have regained growth after the economic recession created a massacre over numerous industries in 2008. Rather, there are many leaders in diverse sectors who are still learning the lessons taught by the heavy downturn that brought umpteen businesses at stake. Out of them, the majority have realised the importance of achieving softer skills that can act as survival strategies for both the companies and their employees.

So, what the business schools are doing now?

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The majority of business schools today are taking such measures that can safeguard individuals from falling prey to dire straits in case of any such downturn in the coming years. The majority of business schools are now eyeing upon factors like:

  • Giving technical support for effective leadership
  • Engaging employees by letting them adopt new skills
  • Establishing values and ethics
  • Building inclusive business approaches

It was just the previous year when Hanover Research report related to MBA Course Trends said that more than technical expertise, what students require now is soft skills that would help them acquire superior designations. The reports also focused on the ethical values that business schools must sustain.

Growth of technology is also vital

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As mentioned earlier, the rapid growth in technology also counts importance in making new age employees achieve pace and efficiency in their work. Today, the majority of young learners prefer working with social networking sites that keep them connected to other corners of the world. Moreover, people today do not prefer clinging on to one organisation throughout their career, and this is a big reason why the new age learners must know the three keys to succeed professionally:

  • The ability to work in diverse settings and cope with different cultures
  • The potential to manage things with perfection
  • Keeping mental stability to handle stress at work

More influential people will become top leaders

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Experts predict that executive education in the long-run will aim to help individuals acquire leadership qualities. In fact, those who would be less tyrannical and more comprehensive, more influential and globally updated would surely become great leaders.

IoD’s director of corporate and governance standards, Roger Barker in support of this context said, “There is much more to being a director than just making sure the business is compliant with rules and regulations. Good decision-making on the board is dependent on personal interaction. Directors need to be able to engage with a range of opinions and challenge ideas constructively.”

A lot of business schools under UK universities have therefore brought numerous undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses online to help students learn soft skills in business. The online undergraduate diploma courses for instance have been designed to make students become proficient in:

  • Business Law
  • Performance Management
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Politics & Business
  • HR Management
  • Business Planning
  • Organisation Structures
  • Business planning and goal setting

Pursuing an undergraduate diploma course in management would therefore make individuals aware of the key aspects required to prosper as business managers. Supervising an organisation with thorough professionalism is the ultimate quality of a businessman and these courses would certainly play key roles in producing efficient business graduates with soft skills. With such skilful professionals, economic downturns hence will never look scary.


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