UK Universities Aim to Strengthen Career prospects of Students in 2014

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Every year, plenty of individuals complete their graduation and move on to higher studies. But this neither indicates a steady growth in jobs nor does it mean an end to unemployment that actually hampers a nation’s education system. The biggest problem found among the current set of employers is their failure to get talented individuals who can meet their organisational objectives and help them progress with confidence.

Students are lacking skills, says reports

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The Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College survey shows that over 60% of the employers have expressed unwillingness towards hiring applicants with no interpersonal and communication skills. On the other hand, reports from Martha White said that a huge percentage of managers today opine that applicants today usually do not have skills to think creatively, critically and even to solve problems. This exactly has stood as a key factor behind the employment crisis, which employers are often referring to as education crisis.

The Senior Vice President at Adecco Staffing U.S, Janette Marx, said, “It’s interesting to see how the definition of the skills gap has evolved from being so heavily focused on technical and computer skills to ‘soft’ skills related to communication and creativity”. What the new talent gap means is the lack of attributes that are essential for blue-collar professionals.

Blending hard and soft skills into curriculums is essential

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Marx opined that although educational institutions might not consider these elements in this new age of digital technology, schools must take initiatives to blend both hard and soft skills into curriculums. This would let students enhance their skills and therefore strengthen their nation’s workforce.

However, there are certain hiring policies that are still taken into consideration apart from judging students with good grades and special skills. To be precise, these policies help employers hire people as per their choices and preferences. For instance,

  • Intellectual and personal humility
  • Leadership
  • Taking the responsibility of ownership singlehandedly
  • Ability to feature some purpose related to work

Employment prospects for UK university students are high

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Students who have been enrolled under UK universities for completing higher studies will be facing high employment prospects this year. As per reports from High Fliers Research, the percentage of graduate jobs will be at a ‘seven-year high’ in 2014.

Experts are considering it an incredible opportunity for students who have been looking forward to become a part of UK universities.  In fact, the researchers have made it crystal clear that the percentage of graduates to be hired by potential employers would go high by around 8.7%. In the last 4 years, this will be no doubt the biggest annual rise. Even an individual who would be stepping towards an international business school online would always be exposed to prestigious job opportunities.

What have strengthened the expectations of students in getting associated with UK universities are not only new jobs but UK employers would also be providing paid work experiences. Moreover, there would be paid internships as well as industrial placements for 1st year graduates. So, one who would be coming out with flying colours from a UK business school will not have to remain worried for unemployment.


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