Training for Employees now delivered on Mobile Devices

Training employees, to work efficiently, is very important to businesses and even corporate organizations. Unless and until the employees know what they have to do, or things they have to know to work at office, their hard work will go to waste as they will be clueless about how to handle things. Training programmes in big businesses are conducted without much difficulty as the staff members are plentiful. However, in small businesses, training poses to be a problem as only one staff member has the responsibility to train the entire lot of workers.

Training more than 20 to 30 people alone is a tough task but thanks to technology, training employees may no longer pose as a problem as people are learning to use mobile devices to keep themselves updated. Receiving training on mobile devices may be the easy way out for most small businesses in the future.

Training on mobile devices: convenient for employees

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As many businesses allow their employees to bring their tablets and smartphones to work with them, making training content available to them over the internet, will allow employees to learn more about their job roles and functions in a more individualistic approach. With training material available online and accessible on mobile devices, employees can learn in their own pace which makes it more convenient for them and also, saves them the trouble of attending training programmes.

Many employees find it difficult to understand training specifics by listening to it just once, so with training content made available on mobile devices, employees can go over things they can’t understand over and over again. Not just mobile devices, training material should also be made accessible through desktops. This content should be designed in such a way, that it can be understood easily. It should be broken down to small pieces of information, making it easy for employees to grasp better.

Videos to train employees

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Mobile learning is the future for employee training as it is simple and flexible, but other than written content, it has been noticed that pictorial or visually appealing content helps employees learn faster. Hundreds of mobile users surf the net using their mobile devices and are keener on looking at pictures, infographics and diagrams. Experts have also made a prediction stating that by 2016; more than 1.6 billion people will view videos online through mobile devices. So businesses can think of putting out training videos online, which employees can watch and re-watch to learn thoroughly. Videos will make training content more accessible to employees.

Screencasting: tutorials coming to life

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Businesses can also use the screencast software to make tutorial videos available for mobile users. Screencasting is where on-screen computer activity is recording along with an audio commentary of the presenter. The commentary can help the presenter explain the video better for the employee to understand easily. This way, employees can rewind to portions of lectures of the tutorial that they need to understand better and learn it carefully.

There are various ways in which an employee can learn through mobile devices and employers can save money and time by using the latest technology to provide training content online for employees to access anytime they want. This way, small businesses can capitalise on training their employees without spending too much money and using limited resources to the fullest. 


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