Are you looking for an opportunity to jumpstart your career once again?

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Hi! I’m Allen Hughes and I have been working in management ever since I passed out of college. In the beginning, I started out by learning the ropes and as I was a fast learner, I learnt my trade faster than the rest, which gave me an edge over the others. After eight months of hard work I was promoted to the post of junior manager. However, after that, things started to slow down. My progress graph started dipping and I began to stagnate in my position as junior manager.

My job had become tedious and I started hating my professional life because of its monotony. I had become extremely frustrated with myself and my job. I used to be depressed with my work, as my colleagues were doing much better than me. New candidates started joining and zoomed past me in no time. I might have been a fast learner, but I didn’t have something that most of my co-workers did, a postgraduate qualification such as a post graduate degree or diploma.

I couldn’t afford to continue my post graduate studies

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I had taken out a loan to fund my college education and in order to repay the loan, I had to start working. All the part time jobs I checked out didn’t pay enough money for me to pay off my instalments. Therefore, I had to take up a full time job in order to avoid a loan default. Due to this, I missed out on the opportunity to complete my post graduation. Once I started working, there was no looking back as that was the only way I could support myself. Due to the lack of finances, I couldn’t complete my higher education. This is what I regretted the most today.

The life changing event

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One day, I was talking to my cousin about my job and how unhappy I was doing it, he asked me to look for change but all the other job vacancies required higher qualifications which I did not possess. When he heard that, he told me about his friend who completed his higher studies online and asked me to contact him. My cousin’s friend listened to my story and without being sympathetic he gave me the details of the online school he completed his studies from. That was the day I came across Online Business School (OBS).

I logged onto the website of OBS, the online school that had helped my cousin’s friend. There I found out that I could enrol and complete my post graduate studies without having to quit my job. I enrolled for an online postgraduate diploma in management. This course helped me to fast track my career and taught me skills required for senior positions in management. The diploma:

  • Sharpened my leadership skills
  • Made ‘decision-making’ easier for me
  • Motivated me and honed my skills to motivate others
  • Improved my analyses skills
  • Gave me good knowledge of the mechanics of business and management
  • Improved my understanding of marketing strategy
  • Gave me a better perspective of marketing as a whole
  • Gave me a thorough understanding of planning and strategy
  • Taught me special project management skills

After I completed the online postgraduate diploma my confidence got a huge boost as my job opportunities doubled. I finally had proper and sound technical knowledge about the work I did and this helped me get a promotion only months after I received the diploma.

The opportunities that came my way

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Not only did I get a promotion after I completed my diploma from OBS but I also found myself in a position where I could apply to a plethora of well paying jobs. As the diploma brought out the best in me, I recently, changed my job and joined a new company at a higher position and a fatter pay package. Another aspect I really liked about OBS is that it also has a top up course, through which I can complete my MBA degree later.

Now, I earn a handsome amount every month and can afford most of the luxuries in life without having to compromise much. I love the job I do and am anything but frustrated with it. Thanks to OBS, I have finally found a way to reclaim my life and live it the way I have always wanted to.


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