Distance Education: Now Shape Your Future Anytime Anywhere

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It isn’t always the case that you want a degree and it comes handy to overwhelm you with prosperity. The process of knowledge acquisition is quite demanding at times. The money, the time and the involvement it requires becomes huge impediments to education. And in a world where the major roadblock to development and employment is lack of skills, it is assumable that need for higher and specialized degrees will be on the rise.

Although a lot will argue that millions around the globe are still not friendly with the words like mouse, browser or URL and it’s not video games but real life conversation increase aptitude, the advantages of distance learning have successfully grabbed the attention of learners worldwide. It’s because of distance education that more and more people across ages, borders and barriers can now learn at ease.

Millions prefer online over campus:

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Why is it better?  Because with time the distance learning system has evolved a lot and it has modified according to learner’s preference. To any new age student, distance learning in comparison to traditional academia is affordable, convenient and flexible. Who could think of getting a degree without visiting campus or attending class from office desk? Enhancing academic and professional skills is no more a distant dream with the new learning phenomena. Bradford University School of Management, one of the first educational institutions to offer business studies through distance course now with technological intervention have managed to reach more than 500 students across 40 nations. “One of them is doing the course from a weather station at the South Pole,” says Dr Jonathan Muir, director of studies for distance learning at the Bradford University School of Management. “Amazingly, he’s the one with the best internet connection.”

In a constantly evolving marketplace, it’s time to learn what employers want. That’s the only solution to the issues surface during recruiting and promoting. The expanding skill gap reports show that not all good degrees reward you with good fortune. So, students are keener on picking up courses that will help them to stay abreast. Leadership and entrepreneurial skills are one of the most wanted features for most of the companies in the world. “I think, fairly obviously, perceptions of an improving economy have led people to be more willing to invest in their educations again,” commented Senior Associate Dean for MBA Programs Elaine Romanelli. “With applications down across many schools, that suggests there is also some pent-up demand, that people that did not apply to business school or did not decide to make that investment during the recession are now back in the market, so it’s kind of a two-fold influence on an increase in applications.”  

Market changes and so the education:

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1fKKL6D
Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1fKKL6D

The most attractive advantage of new age education is learner don’t need to waste money on travelling abroad. A student from China can easily attain degree from a university based on London. So, more and more people these days are honing up their business and entrepreneurial knowledge with best business schools. Learners residing in Dubai and Singapore can attain business knowledge from Bradford. Kingston University has opened up MBA courses for Moscow and Liverpool in partnership with Jiaotong University is proving a joint international MBA course for Chinese aspirers.

A study conducted in 2012 indicates that many recruiters across the world are bidding goodbye to the prejudices that they held strongly for ages. The news is with changing business models and evolving economic landscape, employers are also seeking amendments. Today, companies are preferring candidates with online MBAs. “Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration” reports that demand for applicants with online MBA is on the rise.

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FutureLearn introduced by the Open University has launched short courses from over 20 UK universities; and the list includes a 10-week course on branding by Norwich Business School, while the Durham Business School is developing MOOCs in strategy, social media, crisis management and organisational change. The fact is people registering for online courses are more enthusiastic about earning knowledge and most of them are willing to increase experience and education at the same time. In addition, courses offered in distance education are tailored according to market requirement. 

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