Drop the Idea of Quitting your Job & Go for an Online MBA

What do you think is the wisest solution for an individual who wants to switch from one sector to a completely different one in order to pursue an MBA course? Do you think it’s better to quit the present job and enrol thereafter in a business school for a full-time MBA?

Quitting work for an MBA is not a wise decision

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In reality, it’s indeed an unpleasant initiative that can rather push you back to the starting point of your career. Moreover, factors like finances, commitments and time management matter a lot in today’s world. So, why would you go for an unnecessary break and slow down your pace while racing to the peak of success? In such a scenario online or distance learning can be of great help. You have an option of opting for an online MBA which will allow you to balance both your job and your study.

MBA courses are in high demand, reports GMAC

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Where the demand of MBA courses is rising with time as per the Graduate Management Admissions Council, career professionals are getting more concerned towards enrolling in online MBA courses. As per GMAC reports, in comparison to the year 2012, a 50% rise was witnessed in the MBA course applications in 2013. This report has worked wonders in inspiring career aspirants who had always wanted to pursue MBA courses.

Lesley Zhang, who is one of the successful MBAs from UK’s Henley Business School, said that an MBA course not only helped him acquire extensive knowledge in business but she also discovered the secrets of successful networking. To become a successful businessman, what one requires is establishing networks which she did while pursuing an MBA course.

Why studying MBA online is a best option?

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MBA courses offered online allow working professionals and students to flexibly manage their hectic schedules. To be more precise, online MBA courses help individuals to:

  • Study with convenience – In other words, the business schools offering MBA courses online design their course modules in such a manner that can help students and working professionals study with absolute convenience. Even those who aren’t working will find it easier to study an online MBA course and start looking for jobs at the same time.
  • Study under an accredited university – This is one of the biggest reasons why working professionals prefer studying an online MBA course. There are accredited online business schools that give students and working professionals the opportunity to enrol in business management courses online at super affordable rates. So, financial pressure will never be a big issue for them.
  • Continue work and keep studyingAs mentioned earlier, quitting a job for pursuing an MBA course is certainly not a wise decision. If you have a laptop with a web browser and a webcam installed within, you just don’t need to enrol in a full-time course and attend regular classes. Rather, on taking an online MBA course, you can easily work throughout the entire day and thereafter get on with your coursework.

Despite, a question can pop up in your mind whether it would be an easier alternative or not. Well, if you study under an international business school online for an MBA, you will be provided:

  • Study materials online which you will be able to access anytime
  • Pre-recorded videos which will let you retain your lectures
  • Social interaction forums where you can chat with international students and business experts
  • Pay-as-you-go modules that would help you study exactly within your means

So, you see that you are not compelled to quit your job for enrolling in an MBA course. Whether you are planning to switch careers or enrich your knowledge and skills for being a good entrepreneur, an online MBA course will help you meet all these purposes. Just concentrate on your lessons and try attending your virtual classes as much as possible. Accept it or not, success will all be yours.

Be wise and take your decision!!


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