Self Learning Online for Better Future!

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The traditional education system relied on a foursquare structure that basically restricted movement of the students and educators to a particular location. And why online learning is a welcome change? Well, it is because it has helped classes go mobile.

With education online you have information on fingertips and degrees at home. Welcome to the age of online learning that thinks a student performs better when guided with visual instructions and delivered knowledge through interactive sessions. But it’s a technology based method that implements computing programmes to instruct, assign and discuss studies.

UAE Students to Experience Effective Education…

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Today, it’s proven that the collaboration of technology and internet can make huge differences in the world if used wisely. The online platforms and tools have evolved our learning experience to a great extent and according to the experts the full potential of such resources are yet to be discovered. “Creating smarter tools for education is a part of the long term goal of the government, which is in line with creating a smarter future for the country. This will enable building a knowledge-based economy and creating human capital for the future”, says the Ministry of Education undersecretary Marwan Al Sawaleh. UAE Ministry of Education joined hands with Google recently to endorse reformation in UAE Education sector. They have launched Duroosi, a first-of-a-kind online educational tool in partnership, which is of course an important milestone in the education industry of the country.

It is launched with a purpose to encourage self-learning efforts. Duroosi, the tool introduced in the project provides self-help learning methods to the students with visual assistance. The service is basically commenced to help the students of 11th and 12th Grade to enhance their skills and knowledge. With the tool, students have option to login to a dedicated Duroosi channel and access tutorial videos for their lessons. Marwan Al Sawaleh believes that “this announcement will enhance the educational system and prepare the students for the future”.

Online tools improved learning atmosphere across the globe:

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The popularity of online learning and mobile devices has increased at a rapid. The apps and tools that made knowledge acquisition even more enjoyable gained appreciation too! Access to better resources, engaging interaction and customized projects – online tools helped students develop web classes according to their preferences to make most of new age learning. A few among them would be:

Code Academy: With very interesting interface and distinctive approach towards instruction, the online tool has shown e-learners a different way of achieving skills.

Team Tree: Have been favoured by many for their helpful and engaging video-instructions that help learning faster and simpler.

Udacity: It’s a big name that has offered students free and effective learning options.

Coursera: The name hardly needs any introduction to the e-learners as it has been chosen by millions for making education easier and attractive.

According to Abdulla Al Mannei, General Manager, Etisalat UAE, “With the increasing influence of the digital environment on youth today such initiative gains significance as it enables the future generation with tools that has the potential to make a big impact in the industry”. A convenient system for education was essential. Thanks to internet that made it possible! Whether a young adult wants updated information on physics, better guidance to solve problems or a professional seeking expert’s instruction on effective performance, internet brings everything to the learner at the flick of the switch.


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