MBA Is Essential for the Future and for the Present as well!

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One of the most talked about topic in the recent era is the rising demand for a degree in business studies around the world. “In Burma, people mostly work using experience, but they lack the theory,” says Aye Aye Mar, principal of the Business Institute Yangon. “Both theory and experience is required in the workplace,” adds he. “People need to read and study sample [business] cases. [Managers] can make better decision where they have completed master’s-level business studies.” The demand for MBA courses rises as new economy emerges with a hope for millions in Myanmar.

Burma’s government has undertaken economic and political reforms to boost the financial condition of the country. But lack of appropriate knowledge appears to be a big concern for the country. The country fears that it indicates bad news for foreign investors.

Online business schools are big help for mass education!

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Well, according to the tradition only a group of lucky people could think of visiting business schools. It was a favorite destination for the affluent entrepreneurs or some talents on whom the big companies felt safe to spend money on. Things changed entirely over the last few decades as education through online turned up to be an affordable way of knowledge acquisition. Moreover, it suits the lifestyle of contemporary age. “Schools will teach children how to use the web effectively and the Internet will pervade every facet of life,” says Sharath Nair from Warwick Business School. “Less importance will be accorded to knowledge itself, since it will be within easy reach at all times”, he adds with confidence.

Delivering knowledge and skills through online courses is a method adopted for swift recovery from unemployment and slow economic growth. The trend of distance learning that has slowly become synonymous to online MBAs making the online business school world a favorite destination for the future leaders. Now business leaders are honing their skills from the comfort of home. “We realized that there were options to develop a platform which allowed a lot of interaction, communication, discussion and engagement for our students,” says Federico Frattini, the Director of Online EMBA Programme. Aung Si Lin, The Executive Director Of Construction Firm Maw Shan Thway Company Ltd, has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Sales and Marketing, has recently opted for an MBA programme at Myanmar Metropolitan College (MMC). According to him, “What MMC offers is an online MBA and assignment-based tasks on weekends. We don’t have much pressure.” “We have to give up a lot of time if we study overseas, where the costs is quite high”, he adds.

Liberty in education encourages freedom of thoughts!

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Competition has increased as now everybody wants a better academic resume that ensures a better position, salary and a brighter future therefore. An MBA degree helps better understanding of corporate policies but also encouraging the entrepreneurial success in different parts of the world. The concept of retirement is slowly disappearing as now almost everybody is mastering the strategies of working lifelong. A survey conducted this year states that over 25% people think that they will never stop working. “My retirement will never come because I won’t stop work,” expects Steven Attard from Henley Business School. “My physical condition will remain strong and obligatory retirement will have been abolished and pensions replaced with the concept of ‘entrepension’, a combination of equity and income derived from a lifetime’s entrepreneurship activity.”

Well, whether all these are only predictions or going to be true very soon only future will decide. But the rise of entrepreneurs and MBA degree holders winning positions in top management it is evident that a degree in business studies matters a lot at present.


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