Big Corporate Houses take Grand Initiatives to Polish Business Education Standards


Education apart from making you gain extensive knowledge and a wide range of skills, teaches you to be generous. In fact, you won’t believe that today’s corporate world is taking such incredible initiatives that experts are now showing no hesitation in associating education with philanthropy. What’s surprising is that the majority of corporate figures today are into education not because they can polish their corporate affairs but simply because they want to strengthen their personal abilities. So, what they are finally aiming at is absolute motivation that can help them do some good to the society.

Supply & demand gaps to fill up in the employment sector

Of course, obtaining education and developing skills can only lead to good philanthropy. However, what it additionally brings is plenty of long-term benefits for business houses. Despite, complains have been repeatedly coming that graduates are not getting employed which in turn is creating gaps in the supply and demand in the employment market. On witnessing this change, several business houses have started taking necessary initiatives that can fill up this gap faster.

BML Educorp Services’ Executive Director, Akshay Munjal, said that they have been associated with the education industry since the year 1963. Despite, they are still determined to become more updated by conducting researches and changing policies. This was a big reason why the partnership between BML Munjal University School of Management and the Imperial College of London was initiated. To let students achieve rewards from both worlds was the sole intention of this collaboration.

15000 children across 12 schools get education from Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship foundation

Another vital entity that has brought news to the education business arena is Reliance Foundation owned by Nita Ambani. Apart from providing monetary and logistical support to the local schools, the foundation also intends to capacitate teachers and set up a solid infrastructure.

Besides, the foundation has brought quality education to about 15,000 children across 12 schools. One of its spokesperson said, “Through the Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship, the foundation supports meritorious students across the country, including the differently abled,” Over 10,000 students were hugely benefited from these scholarships.

Secondary education is their primary focus

What the foundation has been focusing more upon is secondary education. A survey report in the name of ‘Secondary education in India: Development policies, programmes and challenges’, said:

  • India’s education budget spent on secondary education is only 16%
  • 62% is spent on primary education

For all these years, the Reliance Foundation has been solely associated with the development in education. Based on their success, they are now planning to open up a university in Maharashtra. This will help more students get the opportunity to complete their higher studies under big banners. But there are some factors that need to be checked that will leave students completely satisfied. For instance:

  • Norms/policies must be given clearly
  • Funding patterns must be absolutely understandable
  • Regulations must be set legibly
  • Incentives must be provided rightly

Well, these issues are being currently handled by the government so that it becomes easier to make ways to corporate and private sectors. Once these complications are solved, students would be immensely benefitted and therefore access wider networks for completing their higher studies without hassles.




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