Business education should now be related to public policy!


Business schools are responsible for offering education to the various learners how to be the leaders in the coming years at work. They teach them to be different from others and with various course modules and assignments, they make sure that the learners are aware of everything in the genre and that they cope up with every situation with much ease and expertise.


But now, it is time for a relation between the B-Schools and the government policy makers. This is one connection which is yet to happen in the business education sector. The educators in the B-Schools spend a lot of time in educating the learners about the best business practices. Recently, the study of business has also grasped in the term ‘sustainable’ in it and it has become a lot more prominent in the various business schools around the world. They thought about incorporating sustainability among the learners because there has to be an increase in the sensitivity of ethics and other sustainability issues in the business course modules so that the learners can get the best of knowledge to perform in the real world.


It is, however, very important for the learners in a B-School to get the best of the education and also to get the most industry related knowledge. If the learners gain a degree and their education has no relevance with the actual business industry, there is no use of such degree! Hence, there are now various degree providers who are offering course modules in business which matches up to the real business work and hence, the learners get the best of knowledge.


Recently, the B-Schools have thought about introducing some interdisciplinary courses for the learners. Some of the intellectual concepts which are already been included in the syllabus are “capstone projects”, “live case studies” and “action projects”. In order to live up to the expectations of the real business world, the learners need to be industry ready. Even the various business organisations are now buying these modules from these degree providers to train their employees. Training is very important in all the organisations to keep the employees up to date with the changes in their respective industries. But physical training is not feasible most of the time. It is time consuming and also very physically strenuous at times. But these online training sessions are very comfortable for the learners and are also much more efficient than physical trainings!


In the near future, the business schools and the civil society will recognise that the previous mode of getting a business degree doesn’t hold any good. The organisations will change their way of work, they will recruit various skilful employees and the way of work will change. Hence, the business learners should gain much more realistic knowledge which will not only be bookish but industry based as well.


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