How to See your Global One Year MBA?


The term ‘Global MBA’ has been popular for quite some time, and there are many who publicise their programmes as of global nature. Now, what really makes an MBA programme global is a matter of consideration. In a time when distance between places decreases increasingly for improvements in international travel, and massive technological developments, education is quite natural to have influenced by the changing atmosphere.

Expert Views on the new concept

New Picture

The term global MBA is, however, a tricky one and as Peter Zemsky, deputy dean of degree programmes and curriculum at INSEAD, says, “While there is no single factor that defines MBA program as ‘global’, there are some characteristics to consider in evaluating the global nature of a school”. As he elaborates, the factors are like “the diversity of the students and faculty, and the international orientation of the curriculum as well as the course material, employment and recruitment opportunities for graduates, breadth and reach of the alumni network, and multiple locations of the business school itself, or through its partner programs.”

Micheal Lu, spokesperson for Hult International School adds that a truly global MBA provides a good deal of international business experience to the students. For success in business nowadays, cultures and market dynamics around the world, and practical knowledge of business practices are the key factors. A global MBA programme should have diversity among students as well as faculty body, to make knowledge and practice of business encompassing the global scenario in the curriculum.  Mr. Lu puts it in this way:

  • “A course on digital marketing would not only cover the marketing and advertising options on Facebook, but would also discuss how RenRen, Kaixin and Weibo (the three most popular social media websites in China) work.
  • “Similarly, accounting classes not only cover US GAAP, but also explain the key differences to international accounting standards.”


Steve Taylor, associate vice president of enrolment management and student services at Thunderbird School of Global Management, points towards an important factor. He says, “The driving factor here is that most business schools have recognized that their graduates need to be equipped with a more diverse toolkit to deal with a business environment that has been truly transformed by the forces of globalization to be a more interconnected and cross-cultural landscape.”

He explains that “the key to determining whether or not a program is truly global is to look not only at the courses that have ‘international’ in the title, but also to look at the diversity of the student population, the content of the curriculum, and the opportunities for experiential learning.”

You can take a Short Route


Online programmes offered by reputed and accredited bodies are more diverse in all these respects than any on-campus institution. The practical experience one can get with his online studies is also greater than in offline courses. First of all, one can involve in some relevant industry parallel to his flexible timings of online study, and then experts from all around the world share their valuable views with the students. These diverse views from worldwide professors and market experts can make an online MBA truly global. One can shorten his span of study and make a one year MBA after completing PGDM. In his online PGDM programme he already learns about employment opportunities in a variety of senior management level roles within commercial sector, and gains skills within strategic management and problem solving for variety of managerial roles, which makes his way easier to get his online MBA in one year.


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