How online education can act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs?

Today, we cannot even imagine a day without the internet. It has surrounded us wholly and a day without it is a day wasted! We have become the digital beings now and why should be the education system be away from this change then? Yes! The education platform has become globalised with the help of technology. No matter where the learners are located, they can get a degree from their favoured universities which might be in the other part of the globe.


Recently, a company aimed at changing the way of higher education. 2U has now partnered with the leading universities of the world and is trying to revolutionise the higher education system by providing easier and better online learning programmes. Ilya Pozin, a regular contributor to Forbes and an entrepreneur himself, said that he missed such opportunities in his childhood. He started his venture when he was in school and it was difficult for him to tackle both work and studies. So, if at that time, online learning opportunities were available, he would have carried out everything in a much better manner.

As a member of the 2U’s founding team, Andrew Hermalyn tried to provide for-credit undergraduate online courses through the well-known colleges and universities. Hermalyn, as the Executive Vice President of 2U, offers Semester Online programmes which lets the learner to get hold of a degree of their choice from a reputed university and also can access the lessons at their own feasibility.

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Andrew was different as a kid. At the age of playing footballs and basketballs, he was busy collecting Business Cards of the entrepreneurs. He used to write to them that he wants to be the CEO of his own firm one day and most surprisingly, many of them even used to revert back to him. One of them is Paul Critchlow, who is the Vice Chairman of Public Markets at the Bank of America.

When Andrew was in the Lehigh University, he did summer internships with the professionals of 2tor, Inc., which is now 2U, he was then the in charge of the formal internship program of the company. But when he was about to get over his internship with the company, the CEO of 2U offered him a permanent position there.


Andrew, however, decided to be in the university and also stayed close to the company and performed well in both. Now, taking an insight in his life, why can’t we all manage our work and studies at the same time? Now Andrew is a full-time professional of 2U and he found out Semester Online which will help the learners to continue with their studies as well as work. It is formed by top colleges and it offers high-quality online classes which gives real university credits.

2U have joined hands with the University of Melbourne, Australia, Trinity College Dublin and Ireland. No matter where the learners are, they can always get a degree from these universities. 2U undoubtedly is a next step towards globalised education and it helps in making learning an easier endeavour for all. For all the entrepreneurs as well as the ones who have dreams about starting their own venture in the near future, can always look out for some reputed online degrees which will only aid them in generating more updated skills.


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