Can study really be enjoyable?

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Study is otherwise a tough task for many, except some who love to immerse into the world of knowledge. What makes it tougher is its orientation to tests. People almost grow a phobia about their study because they will have to face a tricky test of endurance. The endurance is about one’s routine of study that is only aimed towards tests. This notion makes the process of learning somewhat complex and burdensome. But despite one’s abhorrence towards this monotonous track one cannot choose the way to ignorance. So, what we have to do is making the process interesting and enjoyable by some well-calculative methods.



The ambience of the place where one studies creates an important impact on the learning process. A place can make one feel calm, eager to absorb some knowledge and carried away with the flow of knowledge accumulation. Similarly, the ambience of a place can distract one from concentrating on anything. So, the design, arrangement and atmosphere of the place need to be work-inspiring and helpful to meditate. Solitude from crowded and noisy atmosphere is automatically attention-grabbing. Online education is more helpful in this regard, as it enables one to go on with his study sitting before his personal computer, having been aloof from noises common in conventional classrooms and tutorials.

Style of Study


One is always best to follow one’s own comfort zone when pace of study is concerned. After all, it is one’s own preferential way to fix a comfortable pace that suits his routine and purpose. All one needs to remember is that a well-programmed study routine can help him in number of ways. To get rid of unnecessary pressure before tests a systematic study course is always beneficial. Very methodical and time-saving feature of online learning can be a perfect choice on this aspect.



A common problem of learners is memorising things they go through. Only the beginning and ending parts remain alive in their memory, and the rest vanishes into the darkness of oblivion. A tactical strategy to learn things may be adopted, whereby most important points come either at the beginning or ending.



The huge course of study may seem a boring task to execute. Therefore, total task should be segmented into some well-planned techniques to lessen the additional pressure. Online courses are very effective in designing their learning programmes in this fashion.

Proper mapping



A thorough and well-thought mind-mapping to grab things into mind is an effective and quite necessary process of learning. To understand a topic better the key phrase or keyword should be found and stressed upon. Complex subjects are easy to handle with this process. One needs to catch the basic idea of a topic and then go along with the branches out of it. In online education, course designers look upon these practical problems and design their courses accordingly. Instead of an elaborate way of throwing things before a student, step-by-step and methodical process is taken to have students feel comfortable and enjoy their studies.




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