In today’s age it is definitely a next big thing to enroll into distance learning. Higher education and distance learning are two relative terms urging millions to pursue advanced academic courses. These higher education courses are also responsible in contributing to students’ growth with more knowledge and skills. Reports show that a massive number of students are pursuing online classes offered by conventional institutes. It is true that a majority of traditional schools are now embracing distance learning courses; thus opening new avenues for aspirants. This huge shift has also triggered a sharp rise in the number of profit making schools offering online courses. Meanwhile the shift has marked a radical change in the contemporary landscape.

Since, we all are eagerly waiting to hear more about such changes; statistical reports are offering an insight into the quantitative results brought upon by online learning. In fact there are around 50 remarkable statistics centering around distance education and its impact on the educational and social upbringing of man. Let us now catch a glimpse of some of these amazing facts:


  • 64% of regular faculties from community colleges are engaged in distance learning compared to 35% of part time faculties who also teach at community colleges.
  • 150% rise in the total number of regular students selecting distance education courses as part of their full-time college curriculum.
  • 72% competition rate for students taking up online courses offered by community colleges.  
  • 25% students enroll into at least one associate degree course compared to 17% who enroll into Bachelor’s degree programmes.
  • 18% of undergraduates are expected to receive at least 80% of their education through online courses
  • 71% of representatives from profit making institutions state that their colleges or universities render online courses. Some 54% believe that such online schooling offers the same quality of learning experience as that of any traditional institution.
  • 65% of students have already enrolled into online classes.


  • 39% of adults who have taken up online courses believe that the educational format followed by online schools is same as their traditional counter parts.
  • 15% of students who have enrolled into online courses have managed to earn the degree entirely through distance learning.
  • 71% of pupils believe that online classes provide them increased flexibility.
  • 62% students are into believing the fact that virtual learning offers them the opportunity to continue with their hectic work schedules, even if it’s a full time job.
  • 59% of IT managers when surveyed state that their institutions provide online learning.
  • 29% public admits that online courses offer equal value like that of any traditional class.
  • 60% four year private universities and colleges render online courses
  • 23% college graduates say that they have once participated in online classes.
  • 91% two year colleges provide online courses.
  • 88% residential universities and colleges provide online courses to pupils living on campus
  • 90% online schools based in community universities and colleges implement student evaluation programmes.



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