QAA Yardsticks to Measure the Quality of an Online B-School


Lack of time can mostly pose a barrier for management and business enthusiasts who ultimately have to step back from attaining a qualification in the area of business and management. With online business schools coming into existence honing up skills and knowledge on business related subjects has become more feasible than before. The modern learning pathways provide contemporary learners all the benefits needful to earn a desirable position in an organisation.

The modules are customized keeping contemporary needs in mind, allowing students from different corners of the world to acquire the opportunity of earning a UK university qualification. The courses have been planned by academicians who have immense know-how over what students want; the preferable time and the process through which they want to acquire knowledge.

Why you should have faith on qualification awarded by an online business academy?

accredited B-school
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The online business school has been offering high quality courses that have been approved for high standards as per the QAA’s yardsticks. The study materials have been planned by professional authors who design the module aligned against the learning outcomes as specified by the QAA, a governing body measuring the academic standards in higher education embraced by UK universities; thus assuring that students enrolling for business or management programmes are sourced by high quality study materials.

Only the highest quality academic materials are provided to aspirants interested in checking out the ins and outs of the modern business scenario. On completion of the primary modules, the enrollers have to take part in a final project where the skills and knowledge gained by the pursuer for the entire academic session, will be judged. The QAA or the Quality Assurance Agency is helping safeguard the quality of the academic standards observed by UK universities and also colleges. Such high standard learning experience will assure that students participating or enrolling into respective courses will be provided with the best of know-how. On closure of the programme, the same is validated by the Institute of Commercial Management, an international awarding body for management and business pupils who are also successful partners working for leading universities. The last project is only made accessible to students crossing the primary hurdles and gaining an undergraduate or any postgraduate qualification.

This quality controlling organisation offer advice and sufficient guidance in order to assist universities and other educational institutions provide the highest quality academic support to students. The QAA conducts reviews and consequently publish reports highlighting on important findings.

Today, an online business school will provide the highest quality of study materials for business and management students who want to excel in the field with a qualification endorsable worldwide. At present, an online academy can also seek help from QMB or the Quality Management Board which takes part in assessing study materials. The QMB regularly assesses the following:

  • Quality related issues with regards to university partnerships
  • Student issues
  • Checking assessment standards
  • Checking material standards and their learning outcomes
  • Operational issues which have a direct connection with customer service and quality

 Today, it is of utmost importance to choose a prospective course promised by a university accredited by a Governing body. After all, it is not quite desirable to get enrolled into something which hardly pays you off in the near future.


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