Employability? Not a problem for graduates from reputed Universities


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Employment prospects of a graduate heavily rely on the institution in which the individual has enrolled. Reports show that students from the Glasgow Caledonian University and Derby University have successfully outperformed their Oxford or Cambridge competitors in securing the best jobs or enrolment in post grad programmes.

A table has been published which clearly show how job openings majorly depend on the university from which a student has graduated. In totality around, 97.7% Robert Gordon graduates, 96.2% Glasgow Caledonian graduates and 96.1% Derby graduates have achieved employment or have at least enrolled for higher studies, within six months of finishing their graduation.


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The data produced by Higher Education Statistics Agency reveal statistical records of last year’s employment prospects. According to the statistical data only 94.9% of students from the Glasgow Caledonian University and 92% from the Oxford University have managed to seek potential employment positions.

The employability data are inclusive of figures based on part-time as well non-graduate employment. Nevertheless, industry people have still not been able to acquire statistical records surfacing the percentage of graduates finding placements in graduate-level jobs.

Robert Gordon University takes up the 55th position as per the 2014, Guardian League Table of Universities, followed by the Glasgow Caledonian University ranking at 96.

Furthermore it has been found that almost every 5th student was not employed or has not enrolled into six months post graduation courses. Nevertheless, the statistical records have also proven that almost every student hailing from universities or specialist colleges have managed to seek employment or were enrolling in higher studies.



Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1d6GgD2

All graduates from the Royal Academy of Music have either found employment or are continuing studies after completion of their graduation programme. The 100% achievement was followed by a 98.9% from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance and a 98.2% from the UCL School of Pharmacy. Surprisingly a private institution called The University of Buckingham has performed well with a 96.9% graduates finding employment or enrolling into short-term post graduate courses.

Meanwhile, around 22.6% of graduates from the London South Bank universities were unable to find employment or enrollment in higher studies, followed by 20.6% of leavers from the University of East London.

The HESA figures directly reveal that around 90.8% of graduates who have ranked high have already found employment or have at least enrolled in higher education courses.

The survey shows that a majority of the institutions have witnessed 90%-95% graduates achieving placements or seeking post graduation courses.

After rigorous research, it has been found that almost every 46 graduates are trying their luck in every job; thus reflecting on the fact that job prospects have bettered in recent times. In fact the rising number of job positions available for graduates indicate that people will experience good times.


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Meanwhile, it is also true that employers are receiving good number of applicants for a single position; thus indicating at a challenging scenario. For every role, there are at least hundreds of applications flowing in.

On the other hand, the rising tuition costs have led academic institutions to take employability on a serious note; since students are paying through their nose just to get enrolled in a highly regarded course.



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