Average number of New MBA Hires to go high in 2013


Do MBA graduates get high salaries? Well, this is a big question which many people keep asking prior to enrolling in an MBA course. Of course, MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most rewarding courses that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle managerial responsibilities, and to handle such responsibilities, MBA graduates are offered esteemed positions along with respectable pay packages.

AMBA Careers Survey 2013


The recent reports published by the Association of MBA (AMBA) say that it’s been almost a decade that MBA graduates have been getting salaries so high that they have exceeded the inflation rate. The AMBA Careers Survey 2013 also said that the public sectors have now been filled with almost countless MBA graduates, while more women MBAs are making plans to enter the legal profession.

The business graduates accredited under AMBA were found receiving the highest average salary in the United Kingdom in 2004. There were nearly 11% more graduates who were found earning above £70,000 in comparison to those included under AMBA’s previous Careers Survey 2010.

Career prospects for MBAs in 2013

career prospects

As far as the career prospects of MBA graduates are concerned, reports are quite good. In fact, MBA graduates have been predicted to get hired in diverse sectors in the coming years. The key findings revealed the following facts:

  • Numerous companies are not only planning to hire MBA graduates all over the world in 2013, but they are also looking forward to increase the average number of new MBA hires per company from 11.4 in 2012 to 14.6 in 2013.
  • Companies all over the Asia-Pacific have experienced steady growth and are hence making plans for market expansion in 2013. Candidates with MBAs are therefore not only in high demand but they will be offered good pay packages that might exceed the inflation rate.
  • Out of the total number of employers who are planning to hire MBA graduates in 2013, 33% of them are making plans to place some new graduates in jobs outside the recruiter’s home region. Source: www.gmac.com/~/media/Files/gmac/Research/Employment%20Outlook/crs-2013-hiring-report-01.pdf

Some managerial positions and their pay packages


With an MBA degree, you will be eligible to qualify for the following managerial positions:

  • Branch Manager – $42,000
  • Retail Manager – $24,000
  • District Manager – $83,000
  • IT Project Manager – $97,000
  • Retail Store Management – $35,000
  • Business Development Manager – $71,000
  • Insurance Sales Manager – $59,000
  • Senior Project Manager – $107,000

Source: www.indeed.com/salary/Business-Manager.html

Is it possible to qualify for the above managerial positions with an online MBA degree?

Working professionals or individuals who are having plans to join work can always enrol in an accredited business school and complete their MBAs. As per reports, UK universities offer the most flexible, modern and engaging way to earn an MBA degree and that too within £4,000. Moreover, there are numerous online business schools that offer MBA courses with the intention to make students enhance their learning experiences. What’s best about studying in an online business school is it provides:

Live interactive webinars

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Recorded web-casts
  • Modern and effective business approaches to learning
  • Interactive learning modules

So, don’t you think that studying an online MBA course can help you become more knowledgeable and updated towards learning business applications? In fact, earning an online university degree in business management will help you gain a considerable work experience along with your qualification. Studying under an international business school online will be altogether a pleasant experience.


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