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For those of you who dreams big, there is OBS. Its time you give your career a shot as the mission of this Online Business School is to pave the right career path for you. In this highly demanding employment scenario, learners eagerly wait for a stepping stone that fast track their pathway to earning knowledge and skills. With just one click the online business academy directs you towards acquiring a prestigious UK university qualification and that too within no time at all.


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Most of all, the web modules are designed by the academy’s most renowned educationists, allowing students to achieve qualification that gives them the freedom:

  • To Learn what they need
  • To Learn in the way they want
  • To Learn when they want

OBS offers business courses which entail a faster and more engaging learning process. Also facilitating a quicker and affordable route to achieve a qualification, OBS paves way for a promising future which most of you deserve. Don’t let your skills and knowledge, go unnoticed. At this online business school you get the stage to display your biggest strength.

From Undergraduate BA pathway to Postgraduate MBA pathway, OBS offers career advancement courses concentrating in different areas of business management. While the Undergraduate BA programme fast tracks learners to achieving a degree in Bachelor of Arts, the Postgraduate course paves a path to acquiring   a Masters degree.

The Undergraduate programme has been deliberately designed to comprise 20 interactive modules focusing on key elements of business so that students can execute their skills while in profession or administer their business, shortly after completing the course.

Meanwhile the Postgraduate pathway has been set up to concentrate in key areas so that pupils can earn skills in profession management roles and execute them right away in different fields. OBS’s academic module prepares learners for more challenging roles by helping them gain ability and understanding about the commercial industry.

The module objectives


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Each module has been designed to achieve a set of objectives which have been discussed below:

  • Supplying business management related skills and knowledge.
  • Progressing students towards a highly rewarding degree
  • Providing learners the opportunity to gain strategy making as well as problem solving skills
  • Significantly contributing to development of diverse managerial expertise
  • Provide learners the knowledge to participate in senior level decision-making
  • Increasing employment opportunities for senior management roles
  • Providing an internationally accredited qualification that is highly endorsable worldwide

OBS’s contribution in incorporating managerial skills in you

managerial skills

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Online Business School has developed a brief module called the Manager’s Role for a prelude to its much enriched business courses. This brief module discusses about the role played by a manager, the different skills needful of a manager and interpretation of the managerial theories.

The Manager’s Role is inclusive of academic sessions comprising interactive elements which help students to be more engaging.

University Top-Up Course

Upon completion of respective projects students are automatically adviced to seek a top-up study course through distance schooling. ICM has entered into articulation agreements with different universities which have agreed to recognize the programmes of Online Business School and give credit to them.

How OBS think about affordability

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In this global economic turmoil, the online business school has been successful in offering some of the most rewarding pathways for a price unimaginably low. Yes, now, you can avail a highly creditable qualification from a UK University for as low as £4000. OBS’s attempts in improving the quality of education and making academics affordable for all are worth mentioning.

If you were thinking that an MBA course will cost you a fortune then think again. The online school is leveraging students with diverse economic backgrounds to indulge into higher studies which track them faster towards a brighter and better future.

Time to focus on OBS


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Its time you shift your focus towards OBS because the business academy gives you an insight into the best management practices observed in today’s corporate world. If you want to develop business skills and earn a highly prestigious position in the company where you work by significantly contributing to the company’s growth then blindly seek OBS’s help.

This one stop career enhancing platform will reach you right away to the stars, to where you belong. Don’t just limit yourself to the restrictions of a normal life, when you can achieve bigger things. At OBS you get the opportunity to brush-up your potent skills and kick-start your career. This business tutorial has been established to make high quality and faster education available to learners from across the world. OBS pushes you towards a brighter career path so that you don’t lag behind others when you actually have the potential to deserve the limelight.


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